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Mark Thomas
Great shot Danny!
Michael Zoutendijk
That plane could use a bath... baaaaaah!
Danny KahraPhoto Uploader
thank you Mark
Dwight Hartje
Amazing close shot!!! Seen in Daily Newsletter!
Danny KahraPhoto Uploader
An evocative shot of a battle scarred tough old airliner. Nice photo.
Philippe Andres
I like the way you framed it. An always impressive beast.
I don't know if a "bath" will help this livery, it has certainly seen some wear and tear.
ruslan ghani
Oh gosh...it's time for the airline operater to retire this old aircraft.The livery sucks.
ruslan ghani
Close shot..the livery sucks.
Kurt Anderson
There's a spot with this girls name on it out in the Arizona desert. I would bet money she served us well.
Roger Curtiss
That is a fantastic photo. Subject matter and composition are first rate.
Fantastic, Amazing great foto!
Richard Ashley
Looks like this bird needs a serious wash job and naintenance
Danny KahraPhoto Uploader
thank you all
rossi qiu

It looks to me like she isn't as bad as other make her to be. She sure is taking a lot of heat from this self-appointed peanut gallery. If any of us here were to step up for scrutiny, I would bet none would look or perform this good!

Nice shot extracting EI-XLI's emotional tale, Danny! If she could talk, I am sure she would have a lot to say sharing her laughs and tears.
What Airline is this ??
Mark Prell
Awesome interior detail! :-)
diego macedo
I dont men
Jose Suro
Very cool shot of a really dirty plane!
Richard Myers
That's an aircraft that has Character!
The airline is Transaero which is or at least was a Russian domestic and international airline until it went bankrupt in 2015. In its 25 year history Transaero never had a loss of life or a hull loss and was ranked in 2014 by the German Jet Airliner Crash Data Evaluation Centre or JACDEC, as the 17th safest airline in the world and safest airline in Russia.
Kevin Haiduk
I love it!
Vous voulez une recherche complète sur l'historique de EI-XLI depuis 1998? Achetez maintenant. Recevez-le dans l'heure.
Date Avion Provenance Destination Départ Arrivée Durée
16-10-2021 UnknownAntalya () 23h32 +03 En vol
16-10-2021 UnknownInt'l Pulkovo ()Antalya () 18h23 MSK 22h16 +03 3:52
16-10-2021 UnknownPrès de Sharm El SheikhInt'l Pulkovo () 09h37 EET 15h21 MSK 4:43
16-10-2021 UnknownInt'l Pulkovo ()Près de Sharm El Sheikh 03h35 MSK Last seen 07h16 EET 4:40
11-10-2021 UnknownPrès de EnfidhaInt'l Pulkovo () 12h59 CET 18h30 MSK 3:30
11-10-2021 UnknownInt'l Pulkovo ()Près de Enfidha 09h14 MSK Last seen 10h45 CET 3:30
10-10-2021 UnknownPaphos Int'l ()Int'l Pulkovo () 11h38 EEST 15h34 MSK 3:55
10-10-2021 UnknownInt'l Pulkovo ()Paphos Int'l () 05h19 MSK 09h17 EEST (?) 3:58
09-10-2021 UnknownAntalya ()Int'l Pulkovo () 14h07 +03 17h43 MSK 3:35
09-10-2021 UnknownInt'l Cheremetievo ()Antalya () 09h17 MSK 12h45 +03 3:28
08-10-2021 UnknownPaphos Int'l ()Int'l Cheremetievo () 16h17 EEST 19h45 MSK 3:27
08-10-2021 UnknownInt'l Cheremetievo ()Paphos Int'l () 10h35 MSK 14h17 EEST 3:41
07-10-2021 UnknownKoltsovo Int'l ()Antalya () 14h53 +05 17h13 +03 (?) 4:19
07-10-2021 UnknownAntalya ()Koltsovo Int'l () 06h38 +03 12h40 +05 4:02
07-10-2021 UnknownInt'l Cheremetievo ()Antalya () 01h40 MSK 05h09 +03 3:29
06-10-2021 UnknownPrès de Al Tor, South Sinai GovernorateInt'l Cheremetievo () First seen 15h34 EET 20h55 MSK 4:21
06-10-2021 UnknownInt'l Cheremetievo ()Près de Hurghada 09h14 MSK Last seen 12h25 EET 4:11
05-10-2021 UnknownPaphos Int'l ()Près de Moscow 23h05 EEST Last seen 02h31 MSK (+1) 3:25
05-10-2021 UnknownInt'l Cheremetievo ()Paphos Int'l () 17h46 MSK 21h11 EEST 3:24
03-10-2021 UnknownKoltsovo Int'l ()Près de Sharm El Sheikh 18h15 +05 Last seen 20h02 EET 4:46
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