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Douglas DC-6 (OE-LDM)
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Douglas DC-6 (OE-LDM)



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Lewis Tripp
Beauty. Great pic Danny.
Wow - The absolutely perfect pic of a magnificent aircraft! Thanks for sharing this one.
Danny KahraPhoto Uploader
thank you guys.
Thank you,perfect shot of a beauty
serge LOTH
This is real aviation!! super shot Danny
Ken Hardy
4 2800's turning, in my early days, I used to enjoy sitting over the wing on Delta's DC-6 aircraft on a night take off and watch the blue flames from the stacks as the flight engineer has the mixture set to rich then leaned it back in cruise. seeing 115/145 burning is awesome
Dwght Saffel
I flew from Massachusetts to Tripoli, Libya in one of these (R6D) in 1954. About 8 hours from MA to the AZores and 7 + Hours from the Axores to Tripoli. 17 Months later I came back the same way. Over night in the Azores both ways.
Nice pic. USN used these as active transport aircraft up until 1985.
Lindo modelo. AMO AVIÕES.
melvyn jamieson
A great photograph, I saw a fantastic DC6 at Walvis Bay Airport. I think owned by Namibia Classic Air, the most beautiful aircraft I have ever seen.
Pitty the wings are "clipped" in this photograph.
Another photograph including the wings if possible.
I worked on DC3's and DC4's in South Africa many years ago along with Harvard's.
melvyn jamieson
Grate photograph, a pity that the wings are "clipped". Have you any more photographs?.
Danny KahraPhoto Uploader
Thank you guys. I still have a lot of pictures of the beauty.
Lucius Gravely
I was privileged to fly on the last light of one (United) in 1968. DTW to CLE to PIT. No AC so we flew below 10,000. Great flight and the pilot greased all the landings.
Brian Waddell
That sure is sweet! Almost as nice as a Connie...
melvyn jamieson
Hello Danny.
Could possibly email a couple to me at :


It is still a great photograph.
Nice to see an old classic in such nice condition.
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