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Boeing 747-8 (D-ABYD)


I’ve been taking picture at this location for the past 12 years now, and over that time those palm trees have grown and grown. Having said that… timing is now critical to get the entire AC in the shot. I made 4 other attempts before finally getting a perfectly framed shot like this one.


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Charles Clements
Great shot, beautiful color.
Mathias Böttcher
Super photo -
hey mate, you wouldn't happen to have that photos in HD so i can use it as my desktop background? it combines my love of Airplanes and my love of in-n-out
Jim Quinn
I just love this shot! I think it's worth the twelve years it took you to get the perfect opportunity and I'm glad you didn't give up! The palm trees being tall as they are give the photo some added depth IMHO. Congratulations!
Alex Richard
Nice shot!
chris lucak
Great place to enjoy a burger and fries while you're doing a little spotting.
A.Levent Bekdik
Fantastic shot, thanks for sharing.
Mike Jones
Very well done! Nice framing, ideal afternoon and of course a great subject!
Robert Ferrell
Nicely done.
werner rummens
Popular spot in LAX; beautiful picture well done
Paul Yap
Superb shot of the 747-800. May I know the actual location of the In-N-out burger joint ? Would like to visit that location for plane spotting and photo taking. Thanks
Paul PaulsenPhoto Uploader
This is the address: 9149 S. Sepulveda Blvd. Los Angeles CA. 90045. Just to let you know. Runway 24R will be closed from June 1, 2015 through October 2015 for runway upgrades. That is the runway closest to the In N out. So photos like the one above will not be possible during that time. Paul
Paul Yap
Paul, Thank you for sharing the information. Much appreciated. Take care.
Ben Wang
Awesome! Love it...I-N-O, 747, what can be better? :)
Philippe Andres
Very good job, nice framing. I shoot birds so I understand perfectly how difficult it is, very same challenge.
...well, not so funny for me – I "invented" that shot...and now of course, I'm going to get flack for saying that, but...I never saw anybody having taken this type of shot before I did – (and meta data could of course prove that) – and then I got to see it copied in a California magazine...not funny
There is nothing "intuitive" or obvious about this shot, you see...and I wondered, as I was taking them, how long it would be before anybody else would try to do same and I often tried to "check" if anybody saw me doing it...that is, among "plane poppers"...
The difference with my shots are that they are better taken...better processed and if you are a photographer yourself, you cannot be in favor of copying other people's work...so caution yourself.
If you want to see my images you can find them on flickr...I "slowed down" uploading to flightaware, since there was no sense whatsoever to the "scoring" – anything and everything could get "4.5 stars"....I mean...come on...
I understand that you cannot "own" views, but when something if obviously plagiarized, it sure as heck is ok to point it out....
Paul PaulsenPhoto Uploader
Really… you invented this shot? What a bold and arrogant statement that is. I said I have been shooting this location for the last 12 years and that is the truth. I made no claims I was the first… just that I have been shooting there for that amount of time. All you have to do is go to Airliners . net and you will have your proof! Go ahead and look at my photos from 2003 on and you will see a variety of shots from the In N Out area including ones just like the shot above. Next time before you start attacking someone about what you believe is your “Invention” make sure you have your facts straight. Oh…BTW I have an opinion too. For me the shots you have posted that are similar to mine (your oldest one on this site is 2 years ) could have been cropped tighter as the AC looks way too distant. Quite sloppy as well as portions of the AC are blocked by the palm trees.
Dwight Hartje
Very nice catch and shot! Do those aircraft come that close? If so I deffianatly would like to visit there some day!
Bo Ryan
Great shot!
Haha....I have also taken several shots at this IN N OUT burger restaurant!! It is a real joy to eat a Double-double with seeing all the final approaches! :)
Matthew Baldwin
I have been myself and it offers some awesome pictures
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Date Avion Provenance Destination Départ Arrivée Durée
22-10-2019 B748Francfort ()Int'l de Guarulhos () 22h51 CEST 04h39 -03 (+1) En vol
21-10-2019 B748Int'l Logan ()Francfort () 17h29 EDT 06h00 CEST (+1) 6:31
21-10-2019 B748Francfort ()Int'l Logan () 13h30 CEST 14h44 EDT 7:13
20-10-2019 B748Int'l de Washington-Dulles ()Francfort () 19h17 EDT 08h26 CEST (+1) 7:09
20-10-2019 B748Francfort ()Int'l de Washington-Dulles () 13h59 CEST 15h59 EDT 7:59
19-10-2019 B748Int'l O'Hare de Chicago ()Francfort () 16h22 CDT 06h55 CEST (+1) 7:32
19-10-2019 B748Francfort ()Int'l O'Hare de Chicago () 11h07 CEST 12h31 CDT 8:24
18-10-2019 B748Int'l O'Hare de Chicago ()Francfort () 16h45 CDT 07h14 CEST (+1) 7:29
18-10-2019 B748Francfort ()Int'l O'Hare de Chicago () 11h20 CEST 12h52 CDT 8:32
17-10-2019 B748OR Tambo Int'l ()Francfort () 19h20 SAST 05h22 CEST (+1) 10:02
16-10-2019 B748Francfort ()OR Tambo Int'l () 22h25 CEST 08h05 SAST (+1) 9:40
16-10-2019 B748Int'l de Pékin ()Francfort () 10h48 CST 14h07 CEST 9:19
15-10-2019 B748Francfort ()Int'l de Pékin () 17h52 CEST 08h38 CST (+1) 8:46
14-10-2019 B748Int'l O'Hare de Chicago ()Francfort () 16h18 CDT 06h39 CEST (+1) 7:20
14-10-2019 B748Francfort ()Int'l O'Hare de Chicago () 11h17 CEST 12h47 CDT 8:30
13-10-2019 B748Int'l de Washington-Dulles ()Francfort () 18h49 EDT 07h47 CEST (+1) 6:57
13-10-2019 B748Francfort ()Int'l de Washington-Dulles () 13h51 CEST 16h08 EDT 8:16
12-10-2019 B748Int'l de Washington-Dulles ()Francfort () 18h26 EDT 07h39 CEST (+1) 7:13
12-10-2019 B748Francfort ()Int'l de Washington-Dulles () 13h42 CEST 15h56 EDT 8:13
11-10-2019 B748OR Tambo Int'l ()Francfort () 19h16 SAST 05h15 CEST (+1) 9:59
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