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Boeing 707-100 (G-AVZZ)
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Boeing 707-100 (G-AVZZ)



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Peter ScharkowskiPhoto Uploader
Laker Airways B707-138B in April 1969 at Düsseldorf (EDDL)
Gavin Hughes
Sir Freddie Laker, one of the pioneers of affordable air travel. Great memory Peter.
gwapo santa
Back in time Pan AM. I remember
Had previously flown circa 10/1982 in one of Sir Freddie Lakers 10% filled DC-10s from MIA (Miami) to GTW (London, Gatwick) for $100 USD, as the second leg of my seven leg journey to go visit and travel with a Swedish girlfriend bombshell in Malmo.

Met Sir Freddie Laker circa 09/1984 in Largo, Florida at Gold Star Travel Agency that arranged worldwide airline travel for worldwide owners of Time Share Condominiums, etc.
Having previously read the 1982 book, “The Rise and Fall of Freddie Laker”, I was overwhelmed with the prospect of meeting someone I greatly admired and respected, even though he’d failed.

While meeting individually with Sir Freddie Laker, of which I was the only one of 60+ that showed any real interest (fascination) in his business savvy, creativity and risk taking; he explained to me in great detail the conspiratorial demise of Laker Airlines by the likes of British Airways, United Airlines, TWA, Delta and my personal favorite - Pan American World Air Ways (flew around the world First Class on PAA just two months later at age 26).

Meanwhile, the book provides an accurate account and details of Sir Freddie’s journey from what he recounted to me.

Furthermore, having met him buttressed my knowledge from USF-Tampa studies/B.A., of the abject corruption in the corporate and political worlds, and, prepared me for dealing with it in my eventual career as an Insurance Claims Adjuster/Manager/Independent, etc., myself having eventually given California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger the opportunity for his signature legislation of California Workers' Compensation Reform (Scott Calderwood, Greg Stidham, Wayne Wills etc., can attest).

Sir Freddie Laker also epitomized one of my adopted mantras, "if you're going to go, GO ALL THE WAY!

Moreover, although I recognized upon our meeting that Sir Freddie was imbibing and hitting on the hot, young, female travel agents, he will always be held in my mind in the highest esteem for making such inroads into the Majors, only to lose everything via international corporate and governmental conspiracy.

RIP Sir Freddie Laker, because, you are loved and respected by this freak for aviation and truth; and, I hope to meet you again, hopefully at the appointed time.
Robert Cowling
Another 707. Awesome!
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