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Tom LullPhoto Uploader
Coral Sea Flight deck about 1967-68. Believe VA-25 flew the last Navy AD-J combat mission. That A/C was flown to Pensacola for the museum. Only the C-2, in the foreground, is still operational.
Classic picture 5*
Taylor Jones
Wow, that A-4 looks so small next to the F-4 and the A-1.
Martin Sharpe
A 1- J maybe.
My father, Bob Thomas, was on the Coral Sea at about that time. I remember seeing the NL on the tails of the aircraft in his cruise books. Pretty cool.
My father was a fire control tech on the Coral Sea way back when...
Lots of activity on that busy flight deck!

Those Heinemann's Hotrods look dwarfed alongside the examples of Mr. Mac's Fabulous Phantoms... nice looking Spad too.
God how I miss the good old days of the Cold War.
Dreux Spengler
Jets are for kids.
Hugh Somsen
My neighbor flew the A-1 for the Royal Cambodian AIr Force. He was a COL. Before the end.
Edward Sweat
Actually that's an E-2 (Hawkeye), not a C-2 (Greyhound) in the foreground. The give-away is the skinnier fuselage and the "air scoop" centered on the fuselage just aft of the red propeller warning stripe. Both the E-2 and C-2 are still operational though.

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