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Boeing 737-800 (N8550Q)


On the climb from 34L.


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Gary SchenauerPhoto Uploader
When this pic was clicked, Runway 34L-16R was the only one of RNO's three runways that was open. Overnight, snow had fallen and the crews had been able to keep both parallels plowed and open. But at around 4 AM, the falling snow changed over into a heavy and steady freezing rain. Within 90 minutes, everything was coated with a thick layer of ice. Because both runways 34L-16R and 34R-16L; along with Taxiways Alpha, Bravo, and Charlie; had been repeatedly plowed, there was no build up of snow on them ... so the ice built up directly on the runway and taxiway surfaces. I was at the south end in the nighttime darkness taking pictures and I was amazed to see how quickly the thick ice layer would reform after the Conga Line passed by. As the first aircraft of the new day loaded passengers and were then being deiced for the morning departures, it became readily apparent that the plow crews simply were not going to be able to keep both runways and the three taxiways open. About 30 minutes before the first aircraft, a FDX Fifty Seven, was scheduled to take off, the RNO Ops Supervisor directed that Runway 34R-16L and Taxiway Bravo be closed and that plow crews focus all their efforts on removing the constantly re-accumulating ice from 34L-16R, Alpha, and Charlie. The ice storm became so thick that, at one point, all Conga Line plows formed up in front of an aircraft that had just finished being deiced on November Pad and then plowed ahead of the paxbird as it taxied south on Alpha to 34L. Then, the Line went down the length of 34L while the pax jet lined up. As soon as the Line was off the runway, the flight was cleared to go. RNO Ops was repeatedly cruising up and down the three open aircraft passageways and everywhere I looked there were plows, brooms, and even a blower going back and forth. I really though the airport was going to have to be closed, but as a dull daylight slowly began illuminating the area it was apparent that the crews were doing a fabulous job of removing the ice as fast as it was falling. About an hour after daylight, the temperature went up a few degrees but it was enough that the falling ice became falling rain. Once that happened, the only casualty was me when I slipped on the ice at the perimeter fence and went down on my keester. I truly admired the hard work performed by the plow crews that kept the airport open and running without incident.
a mentor
great story @Gary :-)
Gavin Hughes
As we'd say, 'Strewth, what a morning'! 5 star story to go with a 5 star shot.
Joan Williams
Great shot!
Gary... You should have *F*I*V*E* stars just for personal grit and dogged determination!!!
Darryl Sarno
Fantastic shot and Great story Gary! 5 *'s!
Robert Jarwin
What's the purpose of the up taper on the end of the wings...stability? Just curious and thank you
Those are called "Winglets" They help keep the airflow over the wing, shorter runway performance especially at high elevation airports on hot days, better time to climb thus getting the aircraft to a higher altitude quicker to allow less fuel burn.
Every week we see outstanding pictures from Reno. Thanks! 5 Stars.
Great story and photo, Gary. You have to have been there to appreciate what all were going through!
Gary SchenauerPhoto Uploader
Cliff, Gavin, a mentor, Dean W., Big Al, Darryl, hjet, fholbert, and adelma >>> TYVM for your comments / complis.
fholbert >>> Have you ever attended the Silver Springs Fly-In? It is no longer being held but it was an annual two-day event up until five or six years ago. Reason I'm asking is because I was always there and caught many hundreds of attendee aircraft on approach, and I see you've participated in many such gatherings and Fly Ins so if you were ever at SPZ then perhaps I caught a click of you arriving. ??
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Date Avion Provenance Destination Départ Arrivée Durée
22-10-2020 B738Int'l Thurgood Marshall de Baltimore-Washington ()Int'l de Lambert-Saint Louis () 17h30 EDT 18h20 CDT Prévue
22-10-2020 B738Int'l d'Oakland ()Int'l Thurgood Marshall de Baltimore-Washington () 07h55 PDT 15h45 EDT Prévue
21-10-2020 B738Int'l McCarran ()Int'l d'Oakland () 20h15 PDT 21h25 PDT Prévue
21-10-2020 B738Tucson Intl ()Int'l McCarran () 18h05 MST 19h05 PDT Prévue
21-10-2020 B738Int'l McCarran ()Tucson Intl () 15h55 PDT 16h55 MST Prévue
21-10-2020 B738Bob Hope ()Int'l McCarran () 13h50 PDT 14h40 PDT Prévue
21-10-2020 B738Sacramento Intl ()Bob Hope () 11h40 PDT 12h35 PDT Prévue
21-10-2020 B738John-Wayne ()Sacramento Intl () 09h30 PDT 10h35 PDT Prévue
21-10-2020 B738Sacramento Intl ()John-Wayne () 07h15 PDT 08h25 PDT Prévue
20-10-2020 B738Int'l de Seattle-Tacoma ()Sacramento Intl () 17h52 PDT 19h09 PDT 1:16
20-10-2020 B738Int'l d'Oakland ()Int'l de Seattle-Tacoma () 14h56 PDT 16h36 PDT 1:40
20-10-2020 B738John-Wayne ()Int'l d'Oakland () 12h36 PDT 13h31 PDT 0:54
20-10-2020 B738Int'l Sky Harbor de Phoenix ()John-Wayne () 10h30 MST 11h23 PDT 0:52
20-10-2020 B738Int'l de Denver ()Int'l Sky Harbor de Phoenix () 08h15 MDT 08h39 MST 1:23
19-10-2020 B738Int'l Thurgood Marshall de Baltimore-Washington ()Int'l de Denver () 20h04 EDT 21h41 MDT 3:37
19-10-2020 B738métropolitain de Détroit ()Int'l Thurgood Marshall de Baltimore-Washington () 17h09 EDT 18h07 EDT 0:57
19-10-2020 B738Int'l Midway de Chicago ()métropolitain de Détroit () 13h56 CDT 15h30 EDT 0:34
19-10-2020 B738Int'l de Denver ()Int'l Midway de Chicago () 09h36 MDT 12h18 CDT 1:42
19-10-2020 B738Int'l Thurgood Marshall de Baltimore-Washington ()Int'l de Denver () 06h36 EDT 08h20 MDT 3:43
18-10-2020 B738Int'l McCarran ()Int'l Thurgood Marshall de Baltimore-Washington () 14h09 PDT 20h57 EDT 3:47
18-10-2020 B738Int'l de San Diego ()Int'l McCarran () 11h51 PDT 12h45 PDT 0:54
18-10-2020 B738Int'l d'Oakland ()Int'l de San Diego () 09h20 PDT 10h31 PDT 1:11
18-10-2020 B738Int'l de Seattle-Tacoma ()Int'l d'Oakland () 06h12 PDT 07h42 PDT 1:30
17-10-2020 B738Int'l d'Oakland ()Int'l de Seattle-Tacoma () 18h52 PDT 20h40 PDT 1:47
17-10-2020 B738Int'l Thurgood Marshall de Baltimore-Washington ()Int'l d'Oakland () 14h42 EDT 17h11 PDT 5:28
17-10-2020 B738Int'l de Tampa ()Int'l Thurgood Marshall de Baltimore-Washington () 11h14 EDT 13h02 EDT 1:47
16-10-2020 B738Nashville Intl ()Int'l de Tampa () 17h48 CDT 20h18 EDT 1:29
16-10-2020 B738Int'l Logan ()Nashville Intl () 15h19 EDT 16h52 CDT 2:32
16-10-2020 B738Int'l Thurgood Marshall de Baltimore-Washington ()Int'l Logan () 13h17 EDT 14h10 EDT 0:52
16-10-2020 B738Int'l d'Orlando ()Int'l Thurgood Marshall de Baltimore-Washington () 10h13 EDT 11h53 EDT 1:40
15-10-2020 B738Int'l Midway de Chicago ()Int'l d'Orlando () 19h01 CDT 22h11 EDT 2:10
15-10-2020 B738Int'l McCarran ()Int'l Midway de Chicago () 11h57 PDT 16h57 CDT 2:59
15-10-2020 B738Nashville Intl ()Int'l McCarran () 09h04 CDT 10h44 PDT 3:39
15-10-2020 B738Int'l de Pittsburgh ()Nashville Intl () 07h35 EDT 07h47 CDT 1:12
14-10-2020 B738Int'l McCarran ()Int'l de Pittsburgh () 11h47 PDT 18h20 EDT 3:32
14-10-2020 B738Int'l d'Oakland ()Int'l McCarran () 09h40 PDT 10h43 PDT 1:03
14-10-2020 B738Int'l McCarran ()Int'l d'Oakland () 07h38 PDT 08h41 PDT 1:03
13-10-2020 B738Int'l de Denver ()Int'l McCarran () 20h08 MDT 20h33 PDT 1:25
13-10-2020 B738Int'l de Pittsburgh ()Int'l de Denver () 17h00 EDT 18h11 MDT 3:11
13-10-2020 B738Int'l Midway de Chicago ()Int'l de Pittsburgh () 13h47 CDT 15h43 EDT 0:55
13-10-2020 B738Int'l de San Francisco ()Int'l Midway de Chicago () 06h40 PDT 12h14 CDT 3:33
12-10-2020 B738Int'l de Denver ()Int'l de San Francisco () 20h17 MDT 21h32 PDT 2:14
12-10-2020 B738John Glenn Columbus Intl Airport ()Int'l de Denver () 17h48 EDT 18h34 MDT 2:45
12-10-2020 B738Int'l de Denver ()John Glenn Columbus Intl Airport () 12h24 MDT 16h36 EDT 2:11
12-10-2020 B738John-Wayne ()Int'l de Denver () 08h08 PDT 11h00 MDT 1:51
11-10-2020 B738Int'l Sky Harbor de Phoenix ()John-Wayne () 19h51 MST 20h43 PDT 0:51
11-10-2020 B738John-Wayne ()Int'l Sky Harbor de Phoenix () 17h41 PDT 18h37 MST 0:55
11-10-2020 B738Int'l d'Oakland ()John-Wayne () 15h11 PDT 16h13 PDT 1:01
11-10-2020 B738Int'l Midway de Chicago ()Int'l d'Oakland () 11h45 CDT 14h00 PDT 4:14
10-10-2020 B738Int'l de San Diego ()Int'l Midway de Chicago () 14h34 PDT 19h55 CDT 3:20
10-10-2020 B738Int'l McCarran ()Int'l de San Diego () 12h45 PDT 13h30 PDT 0:44
10-10-2020 B738Int'l de Denver ()Int'l McCarran () 11h08 MDT 11h37 PDT 1:29
10-10-2020 B738Int'l Austin-Bergstrom ()Int'l de Denver () 08h42 CDT 09h29 MDT 1:46
09-10-2020 B738Int'l Sky Harbor de Phoenix ()Int'l Austin-Bergstrom () 19h38 MST 23h27 CDT 1:49
09-10-2020 B738John-Wayne ()Int'l Sky Harbor de Phoenix () 17h43 PDT 18h37 MST 0:54
09-10-2020 B738Int'l d'Oakland ()John-Wayne () 15h23 PDT 16h29 PDT 1:05
09-10-2020 B738Int'l Midway de Chicago ()Int'l d'Oakland () 11h47 CDT 13h54 PDT 4:06
09-10-2020 B738Int'l de Denver ()Int'l Midway de Chicago () 07h20 MDT 10h11 CDT 1:50
07-10-2020 B738Int'l de Philadelphie ()Int'l Midway de Chicago () 17h17 EDT 18h08 CDT 1:50
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