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Boeing 767-300 (N118FE)


A ground crew wing walker signals to the tug operator that there are no obstructions as Fed Ex's "Emilee," a B763 (N118FE), is being pushed back from the cargo ramp to a "tail south" position on RNO's Alpha taxiway in preparation for a 7:00 PM departure to Memphis.


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Gary SchenauerPhoto Uploader
Having to wait while "Emilee" was pushed back meant that I was unable to get between the parallel runways in time to get captures of it taking off from that viewpoint, so my departure snaps of this one taking off on 16R had to be clicked from this perimeter road. After "Emilee" took off, permission was received from the tower to move down between 16R and 16L and set up my photo position next to the ILS equipment in the NTZ.
Gary... that's another 100% solid photo capture!

Thanks for sharing this one with us and the "backstory" too!!!
Gary SchenauerPhoto Uploader
TYVM again, Cliff. And also, on Tuesday I had said I was going to post two pics on Wednesday, but I only posted the one very early yesterday AM. I was hosting a visiting spotter and our day was super ... and it stretched out into some evening spotting too. Most around here want to run home if it is too hot, too cold, too dark, too windy, too wet, too far to walk, too early, blah, blah, etc., etc, so it was great meeting someone who doesn't care about any of that and just wants to do aviation photography no matter what. So I'll do two posts today, this one and one more. And while I'm on, I want to wish you, my other FA friends, everyone at FA, and all FA members an enjoyable ... and SAFE ... Fourth of July holiday. GBA!
Gary, you're very welcome and thanks again for your good words.

Not to worry on Wednesday's photo "count"... one quality photo capture is worth more than a dozen mediocre photos uploaded... :-)

I hope You and yours enjoy a most memorable and safe 4th of July holiday too!
roland pfeifer
They sure look strange with no window's
Dwight Hartje
Excellent lighting and shot, Gary!
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Date Avion Provenance Destination Départ Arrivée Durée
07-08-2020 B763Int'l Newark Liberty ()Paris-Charles-de-Gaulle () 04h43 EDT 17h07 CEST 6:24
06-08-2020 B763Int'l de Memphis ()Int'l Newark Liberty () 17h15 CDT 20h18 EDT 2:03
06-08-2020 B763Int'l Newark Liberty ()Int'l de Memphis () 09h45 EDT 10h50 CDT 2:05
06-08-2020 B763Paris-Charles-de-Gaulle ()Int'l Newark Liberty () 04h11 CEST 05h51 EDT 7:39
05-08-2020 B763Int'l Newark Liberty ()Paris-Charles-de-Gaulle () 04h55 EDT 17h27 CEST 6:32
04-08-2020 B763Int'l de Memphis ()Int'l Newark Liberty () 18h29 CDT 21h23 EDT 1:54
04-08-2020 B763Int'l Newark Liberty ()Int'l de Memphis () 10h45 EDT 12h24 CDT 2:38
04-08-2020 B763Paris-Charles-de-Gaulle ()Int'l Newark Liberty () 04h08 CEST 05h49 EDT 7:40
31-07-2020 B763Int'l Newark Liberty ()Paris-Charles-de-Gaulle () 04h49 EDT 17h17 CEST 6:27
30-07-2020 B763Int'l de Memphis ()Int'l Newark Liberty () 17h00 CDT 20h00 EDT 1:59
30-07-2020 B763Int'l McCarran ()Int'l de Memphis () 07h25 PDT 12h09 CDT 2:43
30-07-2020 B763Int'l de Memphis ()Int'l McCarran () 05h06 CDT 06h04 PDT 2:58
29-07-2020 B763Int'l de Viracopos/Campinas ()Int'l de Memphis () 16h46 -03 00h23 CDT (+1) 9:37
29-07-2020 B763Int'l de Memphis ()Int'l de Viracopos/Campinas () 04h25 CDT 15h23 -03 8:57
28-07-2020 B763Valley Intl ()Int'l de Memphis () 21h28 CDT 23h05 CDT 1:36
28-07-2020 B763Int'l de Memphis ()Valley Intl () 18h26 CDT 20h02 CDT 1:35
28-07-2020 B763Int'l de Dallas-Fort Worth ()Int'l de Memphis () 07h09 CDT 08h11 CDT 1:02
28-07-2020 B763Int'l d'Indianapolis ()Int'l de Dallas-Fort Worth () 04h50 EDT 05h25 CDT 1:35
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