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Capturing helicopters as they arrived at the KCXP (Carson City, Nevada) airport for last weekend's open house event was my primary reason for attending, so I was well pleased when this CH-47D Chinook (92-00288) of the Nevada Army NG showed up. This particular Chinook is the fleetmate of the CH-47 (92-00287) I caught last month at the Memorial Day services (photo already in gallery under 00-0287). Both this and the other Chinook were converted from CH-47C models. The one shown here previously flew as 85-24739.


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Gary SchenauerPhoto Uploader
With a CH-46E Sea Knight (N4611, formerly 155308 of the USMC's HMM-774 "Wild Goose" Squadron) already on the ground and being displayed, the arrival of this Chinook provided a superb opportunity to do a close-up examination of the differences between the two. Shortly after landing, a couple of the crewpersons from this CH-47 walked over to the "46" and did the exact same thing I was doing ... examining the differences.
Mark See
Very nice shot Gary! *****+
Mathias Böttcher
beautiful photo , S_U_P_E_R
Greg Byington
Great shot!
Dave Sheehy
Great picture Gary; Making a great shot of an army green aircraft is not easy to do! 5*****
Is that left rear tire soft or is it my imagination?
Scot Wattawa
Great Shot, I was surprised as how quiet they are when they flew over my house.
Gary SchenauerPhoto Uploader
Mark, Greg, and Dave ... Again, thanx to each of you for your comments / complis.
Hey, Mathias, glad your back on FA. And Thanks for the comment.
Bernie. Hmmm. Now that you point it out, it really DOES look a tad flat. I'll check out the other "just prior to" and "just after" shots to see if they seem to show that tire better. Interesting .... :-)
Hi again, Scot. TYVM. And while I'm here ... Is it OK to contact you if I'm ever heading to Phoenix again? It'd be neat to meet you in person.
Gary SchenauerPhoto Uploader
Bernie, after good close looks at other shots taken in the series, that left rear is fully inflated. No slow leak .... (lol).
John Middaugh
A fabulous aircraft.
Gary SchenauerPhoto Uploader
It is indeed. John, TY for your comment ... and for your service.
Tom Vance
Nice Gman...this looks like it arrived from a time warp - 5-Aliens on this one!
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