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McDonnell Douglas DC-10 (N308FE)


For this morning departure shot of "Ann" (FDX's N308FE) from Reno Tahoe International, I decided to attempt to get a closeup snap ... but backlit by the very bright sky in the east caused by the sun just coming up over the Virginia Range Mountains. I repositioned myself on to Bravo taxiway, which is located parallel to runway 16R-34L and on the west side, and I made an educated guess as to what camera settings I would need in order to get a sharp and viewable click as the big DC-10 came past me with the sunlight shining toward my lens. As is obvious by the shadows seen here, the "shaded" side of the FDX freighter was facing me so my #1 goal was to capture a clean and clear click as it went by. I actually did not expect it to be rotating; I thought it would still have all four on the ground when it went past. Because it was nose-high, the next snap in this series caught it with the sun directly on the other side so the lens picked up several sunlight-caused circular reflections and although the photo shows clear and crisp detail of the shady side, the reflections make that photo unpresentable.


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Greg Byington
Well, it turned out pretty well! I like it! Good work, Gary!
Roy Hunte
Wohow awesome shot!!
Mark See
Great shot Gary!
Gary SchenauerPhoto Uploader
Greg, Roy, and Mark ... Hey, guys; howdy and Thank You. Although shooting this style (backlit) picture will never become one of my most-liked angles, there are times when circumstances only permit a photographer to try a backlit shot, and this experience gave me some useful knowledge that may prove valuable in the future. I figured I'd not get very many opportunities to be as close as this so it seemed like a good time to practice. Getting it rotating was basically just pure luck (but ... I'll take it ... grin).
sam kuminecz
Absolutely fantastic, thanks Gary.
Jim Smirh
Excellent shot! Minor detail, that's a DC 10-30. The center gear gives it away (plus the tail number, I think all our -30's had 3xx numbers). I have to assume you have a job on the ramp. With the Airport or an airline?
Gary SchenauerPhoto Uploader
Sam, Christoff, and Jim ... Howdy to you all. Sam, TY for your compli. I'm going to be catching up on all your new posts since your "return" to FA (grin). I did receive your email and I'll be replying. (Thumbs Up)
Christoff, hello to you again, and again I greatly appreciate your comment / compliment about my pic. If you may be interested, I occasionally send better photos to my FA friends via email, and if you wish, I can include you as a recipient of those better pictures. My email is OldeCarl@gmail.com
Jim, Hi to you, and much Thanx for the comment and added info. No, not employed by the airport or any airline. I am merely an amateur photographer who enjoys taking aviation photos. And I've always felt that pictures are meant to be viewed, so I give them no charge to whoever requests them. (And I'm a huge FDX "fan," I'm trying to get a shot of the entire fleet. Been snapping FDX for ten years; probably take me another 20 to get them all. One of my bucket list hopes is to visit KMEM.)
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Date Avion Provenance Destination Départ Arrivée Durée
10-07-2020 DC10Luis Munoz Marin Intl ()Int'l de Memphis () 01h55 AST 04h33 CDT 3:37
09-07-2020 DC10Int'l de Memphis ()Luis Munoz Marin Intl () 18h57 CDT 23h29 AST 3:32
09-07-2020 DC10Luis Munoz Marin Intl ()Int'l de Memphis () 12h51 AST 15h35 CDT 3:44
09-07-2020 DC10Int'l de Memphis ()Luis Munoz Marin Intl () 06h11 CDT 10h50 AST 3:39
09-07-2020 DC10Luis Munoz Marin Intl ()Int'l de Memphis () 00h32 AST 03h15 CDT 3:42
08-07-2020 DC10Int'l de Memphis ()Luis Munoz Marin Intl () 18h01 CDT 22h40 AST 3:39
08-07-2020 DC10Rickenbacker Intl ()Int'l de Memphis () 10h01 EDT 10h09 CDT 1:08
08-07-2020 DC10métropolitain de Détroit ()Rickenbacker Intl () 08h27 EDT 09h06 EDT 0:38
08-07-2020 DC10Int'l de Memphis ()métropolitain de Détroit () 04h25 CDT 06h47 EDT 1:22
07-07-2020 DC10Int'l Montréal-Mirabel ()Int'l de Memphis () 22h52 EDT 00h14 CDT (+1) 2:22
07-07-2020 DC10Int'l de Memphis ()Int'l Montréal-Mirabel () 17h48 CDT 20h57 EDT 2:08
07-07-2020 DC10Int'l Austin-Bergstrom ()Int'l de Memphis () 07h50 CDT 09h19 CDT 1:29
07-07-2020 DC10Int'l de Memphis ()Int'l Austin-Bergstrom () 04h26 CDT 05h41 CDT 1:14
06-07-2020 DC10Int'l Austin-Bergstrom ()Int'l de Memphis () 22h28 CDT 23h44 CDT 1:15
05-07-2020 DC10Int'l de Memphis ()Int'l Austin-Bergstrom () 19h31 CDT 20h47 CDT 1:15
05-07-2020 DC10Int'l de Minneapolis-Saint-Paul ()Int'l de Memphis () 06h53 CDT 08h25 CDT 1:32
03-07-2020 DC10Int'l de Memphis ()Int'l de Minneapolis-Saint-Paul () 17h22 CDT 18h56 CDT 1:33
03-07-2020 DC10Int'l Austin-Bergstrom ()Int'l de Memphis () 07h20 CDT 08h38 CDT 1:17
03-07-2020 DC10Int'l de Memphis ()Int'l Austin-Bergstrom () 04h12 CDT 05h22 CDT 1:10
02-07-2020 DC10Sacramento Intl ()Int'l de Memphis () 19h27 PDT 00h42 CDT (+1) 3:15
02-07-2020 DC10Int'l de Memphis ()Sacramento Intl () 16h08 CDT 17h45 PDT 3:37
02-07-2020 DC10Int'l d'Oakland ()Int'l de Memphis () 05h56 PDT 11h19 CDT 3:22
02-07-2020 DC10Int'l de Memphis ()Int'l d'Oakland () 02h15 CDT 03h53 PDT 3:38
01-07-2020 DC10Luis Munoz Marin Intl ()Int'l de Memphis () 01h36 AST 04h16 CDT 3:39
30-06-2020 DC10Int'l de Memphis ()Luis Munoz Marin Intl () 19h34 CDT 00h07 AST (+1) 3:33
30-06-2020 DC10Int'l Montréal-Mirabel ()Int'l de Memphis () 10h03 EDT 11h20 CDT 2:17
30-06-2020 DC10Int'l de Memphis ()Int'l Montréal-Mirabel () 04h49 CDT 08h02 EDT 2:13
29-06-2020 DC10San Antonio Intl ()Int'l de Memphis () 22h30 CDT 23h51 CDT 1:20
28-06-2020 DC10Int'l de Memphis ()San Antonio Intl () 16h43 CDT 18h14 CDT 1:30
28-06-2020 DC10métropolitain de Détroit ()Int'l de Memphis () 10h15 EDT 10h48 CDT 1:33
27-06-2020 DC10Int'l de Memphis ()métropolitain de Détroit () 16h55 CDT 19h18 EDT 1:22
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