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Airbus A320neo (N316FR)


Frontier's "Shelly the Sea Turtle" (N316FR) is snapped here in an extremely rare capture; a view of a commercial passenger jet taking off toward the camera's position with Slide Mountain in the background. This unusual photo was actually "caused" by the COVID virus -- because the Frontier jet was almost completely empty, its lack of weight allowed it to rotate less than 3000 feet down runway 34L and climb so rapidly that it was high enough that Slide Mountain could be seen and photographed in the background. Most pictures that show Mt Rose and Slide Mountain are one of two types: they show aircraft on short final approaches as they are about to land on either 34L or 34R ... or .. they are photos showing jet airliners from the rear view angle as they are climbing after taking off from runways 16R or 16L. This "head-on' view of a commercial pax aircraft departing Reno with Slide in the background is only possible if the departing airliner rotates quickly and climbs rapidly, as the nearly empty Shelly did here.


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Gary SchenauerPhoto Uploader
There was one additional factor that made this photo possible. The thinner air at RNO usually means that departing commercial aircraft must make longer takeoff rolls in order to rotate and get airborne, so even though this FFT was nowhere near as heavy as it normally would have been, it still would have had to stay on the runway to get up to Vr speed. However, the wind was blowing so intensely directly toward aircraft departing on the 34s that this Frontier obtained added lift so as soon as it came off 34L it climbed very rapidly and from my location the snow-capped mountains came into view behind it.
trembo A
awesome capture!
Gavin Hughes
Great capture Gary. From your comprehensive comment it seems all things came together but if you don't add skill, you get zilch or poor. Neither of the latter apply here.
Darryl Sarno
Great shot Gary!
Tom Vance
I see G-man is out dusting us off the charts again....you forgot to add " extremely rare",,,I've never seen a photo of Slide Mtn in this type of view from RNO! 5 Sliders and Calendar shot!
ken kemper
Great Capture Gary............

Interesting add on about how the pic was "made".
John Marotta
WOW !! I mean really WOW. This is an awesome picture. Well done Gary. 3 thumbs up
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Date Avion Provenance Destination Départ Arrivée Durée
06-07-2020 A320Int'l de Miami ()Int'l O'Hare de Chicago () 15h14 EDT 17h18 CDT Prévue
06-07-2020 A320LaGuardia ()Int'l de Miami () 11h07 EDT 14h04 EDT Prévue
06-07-2020 A320Int'l de Miami ()LaGuardia () 07h10 EDT 09h54 EDT Prévue
05-07-2020 A320Int'l de Dallas-Fort Worth ()Int'l de Miami () 18h31 CDT 21h51 EDT Prévue
05-07-2020 A320Int'l de Miami ()Int'l de Dallas-Fort Worth () 15h46 EDT 17h06 CDT Prévue
05-07-2020 A320LaGuardia ()Int'l de Miami () 11h07 EDT 14h04 EDT Prévue
05-07-2020 A320Int'l de Miami ()LaGuardia () 07h10 EDT 09h54 EDT Prévue
04-07-2020 A320Int'l Thurgood Marshall de Baltimore-Washington ()Int'l de Miami () 15h32 EDT 17h54 EDT Annulé
04-07-2020 A320Int'l de Miami ()Int'l Thurgood Marshall de Baltimore-Washington () 12h09 EDT 14h09 EDT Annulé
03-07-2020 A320métropolitain de Détroit ()Int'l de Miami () 19h09 EDT 21h46 EDT Annulé
03-07-2020 A320Int'l de Miami ()métropolitain de Détroit () 15h14 EDT 17h59 EDT Annulé
03-07-2020 A20NTrenton Mercer ()Int'l de Miami () 10h26 EDT 12h44 EDT 2:17
02-07-2020 A20NInt'l de Tampa ()Trenton Mercer () 18h54 EDT 21h01 EDT 2:06
02-07-2020 A20NTrenton Mercer ()Int'l de Tampa () 15h38 EDT 17h35 EDT 1:56
02-07-2020 A20NInt'l d'Orlando ()Trenton Mercer () 11h37 EDT 13h42 EDT 2:04
02-07-2020 A20NInt'l de Norfolk ()Int'l d'Orlando () 08h43 EDT 10h12 EDT 1:28
02-07-2020 A20NInt'l d'Orlando ()Int'l de Norfolk () 06h04 EDT 07h32 EDT 1:27
01-07-2020 A20Nmétropolitain de Détroit ()Int'l d'Orlando () 17h30 EDT 19h37 EDT 2:06
01-07-2020 A20NInt'l McCarran ()métropolitain de Détroit () 09h43 PDT 16h17 EDT 3:33
29-06-2020 A20NSan Antonio Intl ()Int'l McCarran () 21h47 CDT 22h16 PDT 2:28
29-06-2020 A20NInt'l McCarran ()San Antonio Intl () 16h32 PDT 20h42 CDT 2:10
29-06-2020 A20NInt'l de Lambert-Saint Louis ()Int'l McCarran () 13h40 CDT 14h41 PDT 3:00
29-06-2020 A20NInt'l McCarran ()Int'l de Lambert-Saint Louis () 07h36 PDT 12h23 CDT 2:46
28-06-2020 A20Nmétropolitain de Détroit ()Int'l McCarran () 20h17 EDT 21h30 PDT 4:13
28-06-2020 A20NInt'l d'Orlando ()métropolitain de Détroit () 16h43 EDT 19h06 EDT 2:23
28-06-2020 A20NInt'l de Philadelphie ()Int'l d'Orlando () 13h01 EDT 14h53 EDT 1:52
28-06-2020 A20NInt'l d'Orlando ()Int'l de Philadelphie () 09h06 EDT 11h05 EDT 1:58
27-06-2020 A20NInt'l de Denver ()Int'l d'Orlando () 13h30 MDT 18h33 EDT 3:02
27-06-2020 A20NInt'l d'Orlando ()Int'l de Denver () 09h30 EDT 10h57 MDT 3:27
26-06-2020 A20NNashville Intl ()Int'l d'Orlando () 18h25 CDT 20h43 EDT 1:18
26-06-2020 A20NInt'l d'Orlando ()Nashville Intl () 16h34 EDT 17h06 CDT 1:32
26-06-2020 A20NLuis Munoz Marin Intl ()Int'l d'Orlando () 12h43 AST 15h15 EDT 2:32
26-06-2020 A20NInt'l de Philadelphie ()Luis Munoz Marin Intl () 07h28 EDT 11h13 AST 3:44
25-06-2020 A20NSouthwest Florida Intl ()Int'l de Philadelphie () 17h32 EDT 19h40 EDT 2:08
25-06-2020 A20NInt'l de Philadelphie ()Southwest Florida Intl () 13h54 EDT 16h22 EDT 2:27
25-06-2020 A20NJacksonville Intl ()Int'l de Philadelphie () 10h56 EDT 12h32 EDT 1:36
25-06-2020 A20NInt'l de Philadelphie ()Jacksonville Intl () 07h43 EDT 09h33 EDT 1:49
24-06-2020 A20NInt'l d'Orlando ()Int'l de Philadelphie () 19h23 EDT 21h16 EDT 1:52
24-06-2020 A20NInt'l de Philadelphie ()Int'l d'Orlando () 10h36 EDT 12h37 EDT 2:01
24-06-2020 A20NInt'l d'Orlando ()Int'l de Philadelphie () 07h07 EDT 09h03 EDT 1:56
23-06-2020 A20NInt'l d'Orlando ()Int'l d'Orlando () 11h44 EDT 11h47 EDT 0:03
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