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McDonnell Douglas MD-11 (N587FE)



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John Giambone
Greg Byington
Great pic, Scot!
Scot WattawaPhoto Uploader
Thank you John and Greg
Well done!
Mathias Böttcher
beautiful , super , photo
Scot WattawaPhoto Uploader
Thank you DSmith and Mathias
David French
Great photo but some strange perspective illusion going on - the engine on the right wing looks larger than that on the left wing even though it's further away.
Al Miller
The tail engine inlet looks odd.
Jim Smirh
# 2 is creating fog because of the low pressure in the intake at take-off power setting. The the dew point being close enough to the ambient temp. You can sometimes see it in the early stages of take-off roll just after brake release. There is just a bit of this in both #1 and #3, also. It's similar to what you see on some landings especially on the wing tips and between different sections of the flaps. Good catch!
Scot WattawaPhoto Uploader
Jim in correct about the low pressure causing the compression cloud. If you look at #2 it is completely blocked with it and when she started her take-off roll it was present.
Hugh Somsen
Optical illusion? Is that a Tail Dragger?
I'm actually more curious about the KC-135 in the background because THIS IS ABOUT THE 100,000 PIC OF AN INCREDIBLY BORING FED EX PLANE!

God Flightaware get a clue.
Greg Venable
Great pic, kinda partial to FedEx since it's my employer!
Luis Jacobo
love this plane, so the Fedex way
Cameron Stone
Someone decided to have some fun haha
Great shot Scott. The high angle of attack is almost blocking airflow to #2 causing some low pressure at the compressor. On 3 holers this can lead to compressor stalls (loud thumps). Used to crew B727's and any rapid throttle advancement while doing a rolling start out of the taxiway would invariably mean the the no 2 engine was starved of air momentarily...boom boom...and off we'd go!
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Date Avion Provenance Destination Départ Arrivée Durée
15-11-2019 MD11Int'l d'Indianapolis ()Int'l de Seattle-Tacoma () 04h28 EST 05h32 PST En vol
14-11-2019 MD11Int'l John-F.-Kennedy ()Int'l d'Indianapolis () 23h05 EST 00h48 EST (+1) 1:42
14-11-2019 MD11Int'l de Memphis ()Int'l John-F.-Kennedy () 15h25 CST 18h34 EST 2:09
14-11-2019 MD11Int'l Sky Harbor de Phoenix ()Int'l de Memphis () 08h05 MST 11h33 CST 2:27
14-11-2019 MD11Int'l de Memphis ()Int'l Sky Harbor de Phoenix () 04h41 CST 06h29 MST 2:47
13-11-2019 MD11Int'l d'Orlando ()Int'l de Memphis () 21h47 EST 22h28 CST 1:40
13-11-2019 MD11Int'l de Memphis ()Int'l d'Orlando () 17h25 CST 19h48 EST 1:22
12-11-2019 MD11Int'l de Seattle-Tacoma ()Int'l de Memphis () 05h55 PST 11h26 CST 3:30
12-11-2019 MD11Int'l d'Oakland ()Int'l de Seattle-Tacoma () 02h25 PST 03h53 PST 1:27
11-11-2019 MD11Int'l de Portland ()Int'l d'Oakland () 21h14 PST 22h33 PST 1:19
10-11-2019 MD11Int'l de Memphis ()Int'l de Portland () 03h18 CST 05h16 PST 3:58
09-11-2019 MD11Int'l de Salt Lake City ()Int'l de Memphis () 07h17 MST 10h54 CST 2:37
09-11-2019 MD11Int'l de Memphis ()Int'l de Salt Lake City () 03h23 CST 05h13 MST 2:49
08-11-2019 MD11Int'l d'Indianapolis ()Int'l de Memphis () 23h47 EST 23h41 CST 0:54
07-11-2019 MD11Int'l d'Anchorage Ted-Stevens ()Int'l d'Indianapolis () 15h57 AKST 01h05 EST (+1) 5:07
07-11-2019 MD11Int'l d'Anchorage Ted-Stevens ()Int'l de Memphis () 15h57 AKST Dérouté
07-11-2019 MD11Int'l Taiwan Taoyuan ()Int'l d'Anchorage Ted-Stevens () 20h58 CST 11h55 AKST 7:57
07-11-2019 MD11Int'l de Hong Kong ()Int'l Taiwan Taoyuan () 16h48 HKT 18h05 CST 1:16
07-11-2019 MD11Int'l du Kansai ()Int'l de Hong Kong () 10h57 JST 13h58 HKT 4:00
06-11-2019 MD11Changi de Singapour ()Int'l du Kansai () 18h12 +08 01h01 JST (+1) 5:48
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