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Cessna 310 (N69842) - New Paint Job
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Cessna 310 (N69842)


New Paint Job


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Nice. Clean, and simple. Great photo too.
I hate to sound stupid... but what is the pod on the end of the wing? Very nice plane cool paint and I will keep an eye out for you,if you ever fly over Deer Park Texas that is
John Chaparro
Never a dumb question. Wing tip mounted fuel tanks. Don't recall capacity or how much incremental range they offered, but were the signature feature for the Sky Kings
George Bures
Makes me all nostalgic for Sky King.
The tip tanks are actually the mains. They hold about 50 US gallons each. Early models had no fuel at all in the wings. It was considered a safety feature - keeping the fuel away from the cabin in the event of a crash. Later models have aux tanks in the wing and engine nacelles.
Scott Cavalier
Looks like a Riley turbo conversion
Gerald...That is where we put the children....
Garritt, you made my day. Thanks ☺
Thanks to all about the wing TANK, thought it might be a camera or something like that and I understand the logic of keeping the fuel away from the cabin in that situation and I like what Garrett said about the children ... now that was funny
Sky King. Would love to see that series again.
George Haven
What a beauty!
jesse kyzer
Sky King 1ST A/C WAS 1943 Cessna T-50, N67832, Next, was a 1958 Cessna 310B, N5348A
originaly aired from 16 September 1951, series came to an end in 1959
other a/c were subd but same n's
jesse kyzer
another Sky King hit and won't say another
Ryan Hodges
I love 310s. They always look like hotrods on the ramp.
Donald Parsons
The Cessna 310 and the TV show Sky King together are two of the greatest influences on my decision to learn to fly. The 310 is sleek and sexy and Sky King (and Penny) took to the sky for adventure. Beautiful airplane!
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