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— — - My mistake guys.....
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My mistake guys.....


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Charles Peele
Why share an unknown picture?
No info?
See http://www.passarodeferro.com/2017/07/panavia-tornado-no-riat2017-m1914-512017.html.

"The Italian Air Force's Reparto Sperimentale Volo (RSV) has recently painted one of their Panavia Tornado IDS aircraft in a special 60th anniversary scheme for 311 Gruppo, which is a component squadron of the RSV. The aircraft is CSX7041 and was first revealed to the public in 2016." per https://militaryaviationreview.com/video-italian-air-force-311-gruppo-tornado-special-scheme
Kobe Hunte
Awesome pic anyway
Charles Peele
YOU BET IT IS! Thanks for the info from SHARE making it that much better!.
Martin DightonPhoto Uploader
Must have missed a click somewhere...landed and rolling on Rwy27 at RIAT17. Thanks for the missing info I left out Charles. Thanks guys for looking, voting and your comments.
Leon Kay
Good photo. Thanks to "Share" for sharing the information obtained about this aircraft with us.
British Tornado?
Martin DightonPhoto Uploader
Thanks share for providing the missing info.
Great shot of a beautiful aircraft !!!
Alan Hume
Ethan65, not only British, but Italian in its own right … hence the Panavia Tornado title. It was built by a consortium of British, [West] German [back then, 1969] and Italian interests, so it's naturally a frontline combat aircraft for the Italians too and served with distinction by them in the Gulf War.

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