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Antonov Antheus (UR-82060)
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Antonov Antheus (UR-82060)



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Lonnie Penner
Great photo again Habujet!! Wow that plane is huge. Would like to see it in person sometime.
andré belleau
Pas Antheus c'est Mriya
Gavin Hughes
I'm with Lonnie...great pic and yep, I'd love to see it. It actually got to within 1300+ miles of here when it visited Perth, Western Australia 3 years ago...so near, yet so far.
Nice shot Dan. 5*+
John Giambone
Great shot Habujet!
Diana Rose
What the heck are they hauling? Toilet Paper?
Alan Brown
Great photo! CAn you imagine the take off wake behind that aircraft!
andré belleau
Antheus is for the turboprop engines Antonov with 4 motors with 2 propellers per motors with one conterclockwise propeller.
Bruce Bennidick
Probably the best photo I have seen it.
Alan Hume
Yes Andre an Antonov An-225 Mriya, not an Antheus. Love that undercarriage!
Al Miller
How many of these are flying ??
Keith Lutsch
Wonderful shot. They used to park it here in Houston for the oil companies. Even parked all by itself it dwarves everything. Never get a shot that scenic here!
Leon Kay
A great photo of the one and only Antonov An-225
Kevin Popeck
I have an opportunity to see a 747 very up close. I've had the chance to climb inside a B-52 and a C-5. I've had the chance to see Antonov An-124 up close. I haven't been close to A380, but even without being close to it in person, the Antonov An-225 is Big Beast of all these aircraft. While being so big, it truly is a beautiful bird. Thank you sharing your great picture.
John Boggess
Antheus has grown extra engines...
semms to me be written MRYA , isn'it?
andré belleau
On Google Antonov 225 Mriya Code name OTAN is COSSACK
Leander Williams
Good old Mriya. I saw this plane fly into Oakland back in the 90s. It was so big it made a 737 look like a Cessna. Whoever designed and built this plane should be commended on the quality and workmanship. I think the only time I have heard of a problem involving this aircraft was an engine fire on the #2 engine in 2016, but happened on landing and was only brief. Not bad for an aircraft that first flew commercially in 1988. Not to mention the only one of the type. I hope they will get the 2nd one flying soon.
Perhaps the best picture EVER of Mriya
marylou anderson
Great shot.
Check ALL tire pressures before flight ! ! !
Decio Ros
Art Schwartz
Isn't the Antonov An-22 Antheus a turbo prop plane? This is an Antonov An-225 Mriya
Darin Dexheimer
It was beautiful I’ve seen it at PANC
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Date Avion Provenance Destination Départ Arrivée Durée
25-01-2022 A225Linz (Blue Danube) ()Gostomel () 08h52 CET 11h44 EET 1:52
24-01-2022 A225Manas Int'l ()Linz (Blue Danube) () 04h02 +06 06h11 CET 7:09
22-01-2022 A225Int'l de Tianjin Binhai ()Manas Int'l () 19h23 CST 22h56 +06 5:33
21-01-2022 A225Gostomel ()Près de Tianjin 16h10 EET Last seen 08h10 CST (+1) 9:59
20-01-2022 A225Int'l Montréal-Mirabel ()Gostomel () 01h51 EST 17h09 EET 8:17
19-01-2022 A225Leipzig/Halle ()Int'l Montréal-Mirabel () 06h20 CET 09h14 EST 8:54
18-01-2022 A225Manas Int'l ()Leipzig/Halle () 02h05 +06 05h06 CET 8:00
16-01-2022 A225Près de TianjinManas Int'l () 21h41 CST 01h06 +06 (+1) 5:24
15-01-2022 UnknownInt'l d'Athènes Elefthérios-Venizélos ()Près de Tianjin 14h28 EET Last seen 06h11 CST (+1) 9:43
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