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McDonnell Douglas MD-83 (N801WA) - At Maho Beach, SXM
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McDonnell Douglas MD-83 (N801WA)


At Maho Beach, SXM


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Awesome! Face to face.
Gavin Hughes
If that doesn't get your attention, nothing will! As BigAlOutWest says, Awesome!
Jeroen Stroes
Great picture!!
michel charron
Incredible Maho Beach.Great photo!Merits 5 stars and more.
Christos Psarras
Now that's just an incredible and well-taken pic!!
daniel jef
Good picture beeks love it meng!!!!
BeecksPhoto Uploader
Thank you allll!!!
Robert Cowling
Great shot!!! 5*!
Robert Cowling
I remember driving to DTW, trying to find the rental car drop off, and somehow ended up at the end of a runway, outside the fence, obviously, but looked right, and saw a 747 just clearing the wheels from the runway, and I swear they took off long, because it was a damned surprising and shocking sight. I actually ducked.

I think they enlarged the fences, post 9/11, because I can't find that same angle. It was 'interesting'... =8-0
ken kemper

I must say.....the Best Pic of the Week / and there was a lot of comepetition this week.

Well Done !!
Peter Sayers
Great Picture. Just like being there.
Kevin Popeck
Just a great picture. You did one heck of a job capturing that take-off.
Manfred Hoppe
One of the nicest airliner ever, beautiful picture
lény liatard
C'est quoi la compagnie ?
Great shot.
Sweet airplane, better venue.
Joe Wood
Flying the Mad Dog. Fastest way to captain. Just a gr8 shot sir! That would be a great wall cover in the man cave.
BeecksPhoto Uploader
Thank you guys really appreciate the encouraging comments
Kris Akerley
A departure from runway 28 for once. How often does that happen there. Nice.
BeecksPhoto Uploader
Haha it does Kris once requested & if you are willing to wait sometimes in upwards of 10 minutes for a runway 28 departure these days because air traffic is at a standstill at Juliana due to Covid-19 You Can Have It Your Way like Burger King with absolutely no waiting time.
May be the best action shot of a 'Mad Dog' - ever!
Amir Begloei
Crazy wild shot!!!
Will F
This must have been loud!
BeecksPhoto Uploader
Thanks Guys

Yes it was Will F, it was loud & windy at the same time with me feeling the blast after it flew over at a very low altitude. :-)
Vous voulez une recherche complète sur l'historique de N801WA depuis 1998? Achetez maintenant. Recevez-le dans l'heure.
Date Avion Provenance Destination Départ Arrivée Durée
26-09-2021 MD83Int'l Toussaint Louverture ()Valley Intl () 14h10 EDT 16h56 CDT 3:46
26-09-2021 MD83Valley Intl ()Int'l Toussaint Louverture () 08h27 CDT 12h51 EDT 3:24
24-09-2021 MD83Int'l Toussaint Louverture ()Valley Intl () 13h40 EDT 16h23 CDT 3:42
24-09-2021 MD83Valley Intl ()Int'l Toussaint Louverture () 07h04 CDT 11h28 EDT 3:23
23-09-2021 MD83Int'l de Miami ()Valley Intl () 13h54 EDT 15h29 CDT 2:34
21-09-2021 MD83Int'l de Miami ()Int'l de Miami () 11h15 EDT 12h35 EDT 1:20
21-09-2021 MD83Int'l de Miami ()Mc Allen Miller Intl () 11h15 EDT Dérouté
19-09-2021 MD83Columbia Metro ()Int'l de Miami () 06h51 EDT 08h14 EDT 1:22
19-09-2021 MD83El Paso Intl ()Columbia Metro () 00h45 MDT 05h43 EDT 2:58
18-09-2021 MD83Mc Allen Miller Intl ()El Paso Intl () 22h14 CDT 22h41 MDT 1:27
18-09-2021 MD83Carlos Rovirosa Perez Int'l ()Mc Allen Miller Intl () 14h45 CDT 14h50 CDT 0:04
18-09-2021 MD83Mc Allen Miller Intl ()Carlos Rovirosa Perez Int'l () 07h48 CDT 09h25 CDT 1:37
17-09-2021 MD83El Paso Intl ()Mc Allen Miller Intl () 15h46 MDT 18h08 CDT 1:21
17-09-2021 MD83Columbia Metro ()El Paso Intl () 13h31 EDT 14h41 MDT 3:10
17-09-2021 MD83Int'l de Miami ()Columbia Metro () 10h52 EDT 12h13 EDT 1:21
16-09-2021 MD83Int'l Casa de Campo ()Int'l de Miami () 14h51 AST 17h01 EDT 2:09
16-09-2021 MD83Int'l de Miami ()Int'l Casa de Campo () 09h12 EDT 11h06 AST 1:54
15-09-2021 MD83Opa-locka Executive ()Int'l de Miami () 12h59 EDT 13h32 EDT 0:33
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