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— — - SAC Air Museum, Offutt AFB. Oct, 1982
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SAC Air Museum, Offutt AFB. Oct, 1982


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jesse kyzer
CLASSIC shot of B-58 "HUSTLER"
Paul Wisgerhof
World's fastest bomber at the time.
Larry Toler
Nice picture. I do believe I see the tail of a C133 behind the B58.
Alan Brown
America's first supersonic bomber. Not well liked by a lot of people in Ft.Worth, Texas during testing. caused a lot broken windows at the time.
Jeff Voelkers
Used to march by one of these on my way to class at Chanute AFB, IL back in the dark ages. Would have loved to work on these but they were a bit ahead of my time.
Nicolas Powell
Like Jeff V I marched by the one at Chanute in 1973-74 while in Tech School. It was still there in 1980 when I went back for 7 level tech school.
Will SuttonPhoto Uploader
Larry Toler, yes that is a C-133. For some reason I did not get a good pic of the entire C-133, only most of the fuselage in a separate photo. Included in the SAC collection since it was built primarily to carry Atlas ICBMs.
Will SuttonPhoto Uploader
Jeff Voelkers, you might not have enjoyed working on them. I was at Chanute as well, Oct'71-May'72, for Flight Sim Tech school and one of my classmates was a a SSGT being retrained out of B-58 radio maint. He had horror stories about the maintenance headaches.
MX nightmare or not, I still think it's a great 3 man ship.
Seems like the designers came up just a tad short on fuel capacity for this bird. The belly tank looks bigger than the fuselage.
In 1969 in AF pilot training on my solo T-38 cross country day/night out and back, I was #2 to land at Little Rock AFB behind a B-58 Hustler. He was quite a sight in the late afternoon sun and I flew final a bit high to avoid his wake :))
The external fuel tank carried the inbound fuel and the nuclear weapon.
David Seider
Larry Toler & Will Sutton: Just for fun, I did a bit of digging to try and find
some history on the C-133 in this pic. Here is what I found on Joe Baugher's
fantastic website...

Douglas C-133B-DL Cargomaster
MSN 45587
Delivered to the USAF Mar 22, 1961. To 1501st Air Transport Wing (Military Air Transport Service), Travis AFB, CA Apr 1961. Unit became 60th Military Airlift Wing Jan 1966. To 3902nd Air Base Wing (Strategic Air Command), Offutt AFB, NE
Jun 1971.
Dropped from inventory by transfer to school or museum Dec 1971. To SAC Museum, Omaha, NB, then to Air Mobility Command Museum, Dover AFB, DE in summer of 2000.
rbt schaffer
My favorite aircraft when I was a kid. Pretty and fast as a bat.....
I wonder if that was there back in 70-71. I don't recall seeing it there, but I do remember the Saturn V and the B-36 Peacemaker.

Thanks for sharing.
Way ahead of it's time. The Soviets were terrified of its existence. Proud son of a Hustler driver!

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