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McDonnell Douglas DC-8-60 (C-FTIQ) - August 1971 - "Rotate" - departure on rwy 06L at Dorval.
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McDonnell Douglas DC-8-60 (C-FTIQ)


August 1971 - "Rotate" - departure on rwy 06L at Dorval.


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C.W. Reed
I think Air Canada should bring back this livery! 5 stars! thank you pelican! Cheers!!
ian mcdonell
Great historical photo thanks
Jim Costello
I am filled with thrills at the sight of this big old bird in majestic livery. CWR + JC ad idem.
Michael Bishop
I agree, C.W.! This is the best livery ever, way better than their grim new black and white effort.
Ryan Kehler
Beautiful aircraft and there’s no doubt that Air Canada should go back to the red and white, like our flag.
Edward Ludwig
My first overseas tour to the ROK was on a World Airways DC8-60. Beautiful aircraft!
William Garcia
Martin Coddington
"60" was a series but not a model. This looks like a 63 but without a closer look at the engines, hard to say.

A neat picture of one of Douglas' best.
Paul Marcil Sr
A gorgeous airplane - had to do air starts (gave me goose bumps every time) - two were lost I believe - one in Ste Therese and the other in Ottawa
Bill Mortensen
Another vote for a return to this AC livery!
The DC-8 series airframes were built like tanks.
We were on a Trans International Airlines Charter, TIA DC-8-63, on final at Bangor, ME (ATL-BGR), July 1975, fully loaded at MTOW.
We were at about 20' above the runway when the aircrew activated the thrust reversers.
We sunk immediately and incurred a very heavy impact first on the left mains, then right, then left.
I was in right isle seat and I remember being swung maximally over the left armrest and looked at all other aisle passengers in front of me in same position, hearing other passenger heads hitting the left cabin wall, then, the opposite side, then back to the left side.
It was just a refuel stopover, so, we exited the airplane after much talk about the hard landing.
I diverted out of the line to the terminal to the left mains, and, they were with full tread, apparently new tires, but, there were bald spots across all four of the left main tires right down and deep into the cords.
I was shocked at the damage as a teenager.
Then, when we took off from BGR and landed in Bergen, Norway (BGO), both taking off and landing, the main tires were so loud from being bald and thumping all the way from the terminal to airborne, etc., that I'll never forget it.
I remember then and still think that Donald Douglas Sr. built those Douglas airframes TOUGH!
This is a DC-8=63.
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Date Avion Provenance Destination Départ Arrivée Durée
15-10-2021 UnknownPrès de Resolute, NunavutPrès de Arctic Bay, NU First seen 07h44 CDT Last seen 13h06 GMT 0:21
14-10-2021 UnknownPrès de Resolute, NunavutResolute Bay () First seen 21h17 GMT 16h39 CDT 0:21
11-10-2021 UnknownPrès de Iqaluit, NunavutPrès de Iqaluit, Nunavut First seen 14h26 EDT Last seen 16h38 EDT 2:12
08-10-2021 UnknownPrès de Resolute, NunavutPrès de Resolute, Nunavut First seen 07h18 CDT Last seen 12h39 GMT 0:21
07-10-2021 AT45Gjoa Haven ()Yellowknife () 12h54 MDT 15h17 MDT (?) 2:23
06-10-2021 UnknownPrès de Resolute, NunavutPrès de Arctic Bay, NU First seen 07h11 CDT Last seen 12h38 GMT 0:27
05-10-2021 AT45Gjoa Haven ()Yellowknife () 13h49 MDT 16h12 MDT 2:23
04-10-2021 UnknownPrès de Resolute, NunavutPrès de Arctic Bay, NU First seen 06h52 CDT Last seen 12h26 GMT 0:34
03-10-2021 UnknownPrès de Resolute, NunavutPrès de Resolute, Nunavut First seen 23h41 GMT Last seen 18h55 CDT 0:14
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