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Dassault Falcon 20 (N747CE)


Everts Air Cargo morning departure out of Anchorage


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How cool is that! DC-7? and still working.
Looks like a DC-6A to me.
Stephen Gardener
Nice panning.
Nice picture...
serge loth
Is a C118A lift master....huit in 1955 by Douglas.
Neil Morrison
Is it a DC7c ?
Luc Barbier
Only a picture, but i immediatly heard the deep sound of the propellers...
Serge is correct... according to Joe Baugher's published information, this Douglas C-118 Liftmaster, MSN 44661, was built and accepted as USAF s/n 53-3290 and transferred to the US Navy as BuNo 152689. The current FAA registry shows 1955 as the year of manufacture.
Charles Gaynor
Love to see the old round-engines still at work! Thanks for the accurate history info, too!
Very nice!
Gary Vermaas
geoff hodgson
I think the registration number adds to this shot.
"I'm a 747, too!"
My first trip to the US in 1955 was in a Pan Am Douglas DC6. Where do they find parts and the technical skills to maintain those double Wasps?
Imagine the sound at takeoff of FOUR Wasp engines....wow.

From Wikipedia...Since Northern Air Cargo abandoned their regular service with the Douglas DC-6, Everts Air Cargo is the last airline in the USA to operate scheduled flights with a rather large fleet of 60-year-old piston-powered aircraft. In a 2007 video interview, the Anchorage Station Manager stated that the DC-6 was still considered to be a valuable aircraft for operations in the harsh conditions of Alaska, with excellent landing and takeoff performance on gravel runways. The downside is the difficulty to find Avgas and the maintenance labor cost. Everts Air Cargo estimates a ratio of 12 hours of maintenance for every single flying hour. Spare parts could also be a problem but Everts Air Cargo anticipates they will have enough in stock to keep the last DC-6 flying beyond 2020.
Mike Reynolds
I've probably unloaded that Doug-6 at one time or another at a radar site. Looks like it's taking off from 33 at PANC, and is very near it's service ceiling of 1000'. Noisy, leaky and awesome. They can climb, but they choose to take it easy so they don't puke an engine, and I'd guess the company uses more 100LL than anyone else in Alaska.
Robert Simon
It's a C-118A "Liftmaster" This particular aircraft first went to work for the USAF in 1955, hence it's "C" designation. Had it been built for commercial use, it would have been a DC6-A. So, there you go. All if this is easy to find if you use google.
Gavin Hughes
Great camera work and what a subject!!
serge LOTH
LUC BARBIER , you 're right...for those who like "classic music" I recommand an old CD called "round sounds" I bought in Oshkosh in 1997, I hope it's still on the market..
Joe Baugher's published information regarding U.S. Navy aircraft adds this information:

(BuNo) "152689, (MSN 44661) ex-USAAF 53-3290. To MASDC as 8C0025 Jan 11, 1978. To civil registry as N747CE. Was stored at McClellan AFB, CA. Stored at Greybull, WY as N233HP Aug 2, 2006. After some years with Hawkins and Powers at Greybull, WY as spares source, registered to Everts Air Fuel in 2006 as N233HP. Since converted to fuel hauler and reregistered N747CE."
Alex Sweeney
I worked as a loadmaster on this beauty for 2 years. That was an awesome job!
Wheels up already. Almost looks like a flyby. That Douglas nose..
Gotta love the "N" number.
Roger Hern
Nice to see the old ones still flying.
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Date Avion Provenance Destination Départ Arrivée Durée
01-12-2020 DC6Int'l d'Anchorage Ted-Stevens ()Emmonak () 11h02 AKST 13h11 AKST 2:09
30-11-2020 DC6Emmonak ()Int'l d'Anchorage Ted-Stevens () 18h15 AKST 20h28 AKST 2:13
30-11-2020 DC6Int'l d'Anchorage Ted-Stevens ()Emmonak () 15h15 AKST 17h13 AKST 1:58
29-11-2020 DC6Togiak ()Int'l d'Anchorage Ted-Stevens () 17h31 AKST 19h03 AKST 1:32
29-11-2020 DC6Int'l d'Anchorage Ted-Stevens ()Iliamna () 13h50 AKST 14h51 AKST 1:01
28-11-2020 DC6Aniak ()Int'l d'Anchorage Ted-Stevens () 15h10 AKST 16h30 AKST 1:20
28-11-2020 DC6Int'l d'Anchorage Ted-Stevens ()Aniak () 12h50 AKST 14h11 AKST 1:21
27-11-2020 DC6Emmonak ()Int'l d'Anchorage Ted-Stevens () 20h59 AKST 23h06 AKST 2:06
27-11-2020 DC6Int'l d'Anchorage Ted-Stevens ()Togiak () 14h48 AKST 16h32 AKST 1:43
26-11-2020 DC6Aniak ()Int'l d'Anchorage Ted-Stevens () 13h58 AKST 15h17 AKST 1:19
26-11-2020 UnknownLake Hood ()Aniak () 11h44 AKST 13h11 AKST (?) 1:26
25-11-2020 DC6Emmonak ()Int'l d'Anchorage Ted-Stevens () 17h34 AKST 19h23 AKST 1:49
25-11-2020 DC6Int'l d'Anchorage Ted-Stevens ()Aniak () 11h41 AKST 13h04 AKST 1:23
25-11-2020 DC6Int'l d'Anchorage Ted-Stevens ()Aniak () 09h06 AKST 10h22 AKST 1:15
24-11-2020 DC6Iliamna ()Int'l d'Anchorage Ted-Stevens () 17h52 AKST 18h45 AKST 0:53
24-11-2020 DC6Int'l d'Anchorage Ted-Stevens ()Iliamna () 15h52 AKST 16h54 AKST 1:02
23-11-2020 UnknownPrès de Togiak Village, AKLake Hood () First seen 19h22 AKST 20h57 AKST 1:35
23-11-2020 UnknownLake Hood ()Près de Manokotak, AK 16h29 AKST Last seen 18h01 AKST 1:32
20-11-2020 DC6Aniak ()Int'l d'Anchorage Ted-Stevens () 11h28 AKST 12h58 AKST 1:30
20-11-2020 DC6Int'l d'Anchorage Ted-Stevens ()Aniak () 09h02 AKST 10h20 AKST 1:18
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