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VP-BPW — - Approaching Canada and St Lawrence Seaway
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Approaching Canada and St Lawrence Seaway


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The standby compass is in need of calibration. Showing a heading of 150 Degrees. I'd get it replaced!
marylou anderson
what view~
nice place to be
Susan Mandeville
There is a notice overhead that the compass doesn't give accurate information. Why would it be onboard??
C.W. Reed
@Susan: The standby compass is a backup in the extremely rare event that both sides of the electronic displays are lost. The standby compass has a magnet in it. When windshield heat is turned on, the EMF (Electro Magnetic Field) generated causes incorrect reading. Really, if you need the standby compass, the windshield heat will be OFF. Hoosier Cheers!!
C.W. Reed
Fun Fact: A heated windshield is less prone to shattering if struck by a bird/ foreign object!
Peter WestPhoto Uploader
CW - that’s a reasonable answer re the compass. Thanks! I was going to check that out with the Captain. Anyway thanks for all the views, tho a fractionally overexposed the detail revealed by the Nikon 850 24/70 2.8 kit is about as good as it gets.
C.W. Reed
Thank You very much for the compliment, Peter! Spend a lot of time around MX techs and pilots and have learned a couple things. BTW, excellent photo there worth a lot more than 5 stars! Hoosier Cheers!
Good comment re the standby compass. Same is true in the King Air. Placarded to caution re interference from Windshield Heat...
C.W. Reed
Thank You, Chris!
Kobe Hunte
very vast! awesome!

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