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Lockheed C-5 Galaxy — - Massive plane!!
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Lockheed C-5 Galaxy —


Massive plane!!


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Larry Toler
MX at Travis AFB. Is that FRED on jack stands?
Diana Rose
Hugely Unbelievable!
Joan WilliamsPhoto Uploader
NO idea what you are talking about Larry. Yes C-5 at Travis. Thanks Diana it is just so unbelievable how these things can fly. Hopefully when I go to Travis next I will see them fly!
In the USAF Air Transportation community it was always said, "C-5, AOJ". (AOJ = Always On Jacks)
ken kemper
Most Cool Joan.............
Robert Oldershaw
My son is working on those at Travis. Just a beast - the sheer enormity of size.
Joan WilliamsPhoto Uploader
Thanks for the comments! First flitton thanks for telling me! Learned something new! Next thanks Ken! And that’s very cool that your son is working on these. Most be super awesome!
Michael Gaff
As a retired airline pilot, and kind of an aviation enthusiast, I thank Joan for presenting the best representation of a wonderful airplane, and almost a way of life. I used to live in Smyrna, Georgia, within two miles of the factory. I never flew anything larger than a 727, but am still in awe of this airplane, and its people. Thank you Joan.
Doesn’t look like it’s on jacks, those are significant pieces of hardware in of themselves. Great photo.
Joan WilliamsPhoto Uploader
C5pilotguy, yes those jacks are their own machine. Thanks for the comment and compliment!
My first sight of one of these magnificent birds was at Shemya AFB AK in 1979. The best part was it was one of the original "A" models out of Travis AFB in the original MAC white & grey colors w/the blue cheatline. I just could not get over the shear size of her, and the whine of those GE TF-39s was something you had to hear to appreciate. She had an inauspicious start when first brought into the fleet, but has since proved her mettle time and time again. Maybe if Lockheed had listened to Joe Sutter they would not have had the teething problems they did.

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