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Grumman C-2 Greyhound (16-2170)



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Paul Wisgerhof
One assumes the folks with their feet dangling off the ramp are securely tethered to the plane. Otherwise, one of these days, Darwin will win.
What would be the explanation of those black blotches under the left wing of this aircraft and a larger one under the right wing, they can´t be caused by a fire near the aircraft.
ae6dbPhoto Uploader
I am not sure about the black blotches under the wing, could it be exhaust?
jim gevay
It's exhaust from when the wings are folded on deck.
Photo OPS.
Robert Oldershaw
What a great "window" seat those two airmen have. Great shot.
Cole Neill
The Grumman C-2 Greyhound is a twin-engine, high-wing cargo aircraft, designed to carry supplies, mail, and passengers to and from aircraft carriers of the United States Navy.

Remember the NCIS show where Gibbs and Tony with bad guy onboard get launched. I got one shot off a carrier (can't remember which one) in the Persian Gulf during Desert Shield. Folding wings, of course.
Just hanging out! Why wouldn't you, if you could?
William Smith
The black splotches are due to soot deposits when the wings are folded when the aircraft is on the flight deck of an aircraft carrier. All C-2's and E-2C's & D's have them. I have to say that I've spent a good bit of time under those aircraft, while serving in a catapult crew, in the early 1980's aboard USS America (CV-66).
Wisgerhof, yer a wuss. Those boys are US Navy air-crewmen, likely the crew chief and his loadmaster. The only G-loading they are about to experience will shove them back toward the interior of the plane. I'd bet they have never done this during an underway recovery, but over dry land, good weather, no arresting gear, why not? I have 888 combat hours in a UH-1D, open door no retention straps or other impediment to egress, and I'd be out there with them. The view is great!
Chris DiCenso
And may I add that those "black blotches" under the wings are a royal pain in the A__ to clean off. They don't disappear by any means as they permanently stain the paint. The lower tail sections get a good shot of exhaust soot too.

Hey W. Smith, I was with VAW-124 on the America back in '77 - '79 time frame prior to cross decking to Ike with VAW-121
Chris DiCenso
By the way...If you look at the picture of the VAW-123 Hummer in this weeks photos you'll see what the wings look like after a good wash job.
marylou anderson
Nice rear view---
if you can get it.
Alan Hume
A magnificent COD aircraft with a fine history. About to be knocked out of the sky by an Osprey!
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