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CLX789 makes a spectacular wing wave as it climbs from Rwy 16R on delivery to KSEA on 9/30/14. (LN:1490 / cn 38077). The aircraft is named City of Redange-Sur-Attert.


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Walter Zamorano
Mark Thomas
Pretty balsy at such a low altitude!
Thanks guys! No idea why this photo wasn't a FA staff pick?
It deserves to be a staff pick. What a great shot!
Nick Hesler
Holy crap!
WOW! Stunning shot!
Haha Tom I was thinking EXACTLY the same thing!!
Mark See
This gives a new meaning to the tower saying "early right turnout approved". Great shot!
sam kuminecz
Looks like a 74 landing at Kai Tak...craziest airport in the world...should say was.
Karter Hickling
For a second i thought this was some Boeing test pilot trying to be Tex Johnston!
Kevin Haiduk
You bought it new. At least get it of the lot :-)
Now I know why my last freight shipment from Europe was crushed.
Great photo!
Anton Nel
Impressive! Well captured!
Jim T
"Honey, you missed the turn!!! You were supposed to turn left just after the mountain...."
John Povey
quite a turn
Tyler Emtage
Great shot! I can't believe this photo was not featured as a staff pick when currently there are 135 votes!
I would have banked on this being a staff pick too.

-- from the US dept of Dad Jokes
anthony geinopolos
Bill Snowden
There's something you don't see everyday!
The Queen flies!
Gafin Vod
Have video?
Joan Williams
Hensley Garcia
I was fortunate enough to see this that day, there was something going on with the museums and I was down at the windsock. Sort of scared me as I had no idea why it was rolling so hard!
a mentor
Sure makes a GREAT pic!!
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Date Avion Provenance Destination Départ Arrivée Durée
30-11-2020 B748Al Maktoum Int'l () 04h58 +04 En vol
29-11-2020 B748Luxembourg-Findel ()Al Maktoum Int'l () 18h12 CET 03h08 +04 (+1) 5:55
29-11-2020 B748Al Maktoum Int'l ()Luxembourg-Findel () 11h07 +04 14h45 CET 6:38
29-11-2020 B748Suvarnabhumi de Bangkok ()Al Maktoum Int'l () 06h45 +07 09h38 +04 5:52
29-11-2020 B748Près de Xiamen, FujianSuvarnabhumi de Bangkok () First seen 02h58 CST 04h46 +07 2:47
28-11-2020 B748Suvarnabhumi de Bangkok ()Près de Jieyang, Guangdong 20h52 +07 Last seen 00h05 CST (+1) 2:13
28-11-2020 B748Int'l de Pékin ()Suvarnabhumi de Bangkok () 15h39 CST 19h24 +07 4:45
28-11-2020 B748Novosibirsk Tolmachevo ()Int'l de Pékin () 08h27 +07 13h21 CST 3:54
27-11-2020 B748Luxembourg-Findel ()Novosibirsk Tolmachevo () 17h09 CET 05h05 +07 (+1) 5:55
27-11-2020 B748Al Maktoum Int'l ()Luxembourg-Findel () 10h42 +04 14h14 CET 6:32
27-11-2020 B748Suvarnabhumi de Bangkok ()Al Maktoum Int'l () 06h27 +07 09h13 +04 (?) 5:46
27-11-2020 B748Xiamen Gaoqi Int'l ()Suvarnabhumi de Bangkok () 02h40 CST 04h28 +07 2:48
26-11-2020 UnknownSuvarnabhumi de Bangkok ()Près de Xiamen, Fujian 20h37 +07 Last seen 00h10 CST (+1) 2:33
26-11-2020 B748Int'l de Pékin ()Suvarnabhumi de Bangkok () 14h24 CST 18h02 +07 4:38
26-11-2020 B748Novosibirsk Tolmachevo ()Int'l de Pékin () 07h40 +07 12h22 CST (?) 3:42
25-11-2020 B748Luxembourg-Findel ()Novosibirsk Tolmachevo () 17h58 CET 05h43 +07 (+1) 5:45
23-11-2020 B748Int'l de Miami ()Luxembourg-Findel () 06h51 EST 20h55 CET 8:03
23-11-2020 B748Rickenbacker Intl ()Int'l de Miami () 01h50 EST 03h49 EST 1:58
22-11-2020 B748Int'l d'Anchorage Ted-Stevens ()Rickenbacker Intl () 13h37 AKST 23h02 EST 5:24
22-11-2020 B748Int'l de Hong Kong ()Int'l d'Anchorage Ted-Stevens () 20h46 HKT 12h19 AKST 8:32
22-11-2020 B748Int'l de Kuala Lumpur ()Int'l de Hong Kong () 15h28 +08 18h44 HKT 3:15
22-11-2020 B748Al Maktoum Int'l ()Près de Sepang, Selangor 02h20 +04 Last seen 12h46 +08 6:25
21-11-2020 B748Luxembourg-Findel ()Al Maktoum Int'l () 15h45 CET 00h31 +04 (+1) 5:45
20-11-2020 B748Int'l O'Hare de Chicago ()Luxembourg-Findel () 23h02 CST 12h56 CET (+1) 6:54
20-11-2020 B748Int'l d'Anchorage Ted-Stevens ()Int'l O'Hare de Chicago () 11h18 AKST 19h23 CST 5:04
20-11-2020 B748Int'l de Hong Kong ()Int'l d'Anchorage Ted-Stevens () 16h04 HKT 07h58 AKST 8:54
20-11-2020 B748Int'l de Kuala Lumpur ()Int'l de Hong Kong () 10h24 +08 13h44 HKT 3:19
19-11-2020 B748King Khalid Int'l ()Int'l de Kuala Lumpur () 19h47 +03 08h12 +08 (+1) 7:25
19-11-2020 B748Luxembourg-Findel ()King Khalid Int'l () 10h37 CET 17h47 +03 5:09
19-11-2020 B748Int'l de Budapest-Ferihegy ()Luxembourg-Findel () 05h49 CET 07h20 CET 1:30
19-11-2020 B748Novosibirsk Tolmachevo ()Int'l de Budapest-Ferihegy () 04h33 +07 03h53 CET 5:20
18-11-2020 B748Int'l de Hong Kong ()Novosibirsk Tolmachevo () 14h16 HKT 19h10 +07 5:53
18-11-2020 B744Suvarnabhumi de Bangkok ()Int'l de Hong Kong () 09h04 +07 12h11 HKT 2:07
17-11-2020 B744Hamad Int'l ()Suvarnabhumi de Bangkok () 18h06 +03 03h49 +07 (+1) 5:42
17-11-2020 B748Luxembourg-Findel ()Hamad Int'l () 08h48 CET 16h22 +03 5:33
16-11-2020 B748Int'l de Miami ()Luxembourg-Findel () 06h14 EST 19h55 CET 7:41
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