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Fed Ex Boeing 777 Flyover before the 2017 Auto Zone Liberty Bowl Game in Memphis TN


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Robert Joseph
I was there at the game!! Beautiful fly over and wonderful pic considering how overcast it was.
I think it is fantastic that FedEx participates in major local events like this, shows good support for their home city. Great photo, saw the same type of photo a few years back.
Norman Howes
Awesome shot!!
J Schooot
wow, but what is the camera position? No high buildings around as far as I know. And where is this bird heading for?
Charles LajeunessePhoto Uploader
J. Schoot, jet at 1200 feet, helicopter I was in at 2400 feet. No buildings around, pretty flat area around the Memphis Liberty Bowl. Jet is headed for another spin around the stadium.
Amazing capture!
J Schooot
Thnks Charles Lajeunesse
I Realy like this one
Mike Liles
This is a/c N888FD it was the newest a/c in the Fleet at the time. Have received a/c N153FE since. This a/c was picked by employee #1, yes that's right Mr. Smith himself. A "drywash" was ordered the day before the game. In the event there was an issue N853FD, was waiting to make the "flyover." These "flyovers" have been common before U.of Memphis Football games (often 767's) as well as the Liberty Bowl since '15. It is coordinated by phone on the a/c with the crew and the fine folks at the FAA (ZEM aka MEM center).
What's the reg.
Jack Jouett
I know it's real; but it's such a good shot that it almost doesn't look real. Well done!

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