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Boeing 787-8 (N965AM) - Rotating past TBIT with 4 A380s 1 A340-300 and 1 777-200LR behind full photo: a rel=nofollow href=http://www.jetphotos.net/photo/8138373http://www.jetphotos.net/photo/8138373/a
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Boeing 787-8 (N965AM)


Rotating past TBIT with 4 A380's 1 A340-300 and 1 777-200LR behind full photo: http://www.jetphotos.net/photo/8138373


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Gary Schenauer
Excellent shot as always, but was it really snapped at Boise?
iFlyGr8Photo Uploader
Thanks for catching that Gary... Force of habit! I wish though!
Gary Schenauer
(Big grin here) Colin, I knew your "KBOI" entry was just an accidental typo, but QXE just recently launched direct service between BOI and RNO, and if this shot had REALLY been clicked at KBOI, I'd be commuting back and forth to Boise weekly on QX just for the chance to catch these. (Two Thumbs Up and a wave of my spotter's cap to you for these superb shots.)
iFlyGr8Photo Uploader
We sure did launch RNO! We even flew the Boise State plane for the inaugural flight! We have been getting the CS100 test flights and Boeing did test flight with the 787 in here to. I may need to come down to RNO. Looks like a great spotting airport. However, with Tahoe and ski season coming up I may not be able to get on the plane!
Gary Schenauer
Here at our end, there was a "Dance Off" between Wolfie (the Wolfpack mascot) and Buster when the flight arrived. They danced right on a stage in the center of the terminal. Buster was dancing with the lady mayor of Reno ... blonde, way cute ... Buster had a great time!
If you do ever come to RNO, let me know. I'm the airport photog. I'll meet you at the gate and I can show you the many various spotting locations. I'll spring for lunch, too. And if you give me enough advance notice, I'll see if I can set up a day's visit to NAS Fallon.
iFlyGr8Photo Uploader
Hi Gary, shoot me a private message and we'll talk about this! I would love to take you up on that!
Dwight Hartje
Excellent shot! The A380s all lined up are nice!
iFlyGr8Photo Uploader
Thanks Dwight, and Gary, I sent you an email!
Don Ridgeway
5 stars for a great shot.
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Date Avion Provenance Destination Départ Arrivée Durée
24-10-2021 B788Int'l de Mexico ()Cancun Int'l () 14h10 CDT 16h23 EST Roule sur la piste
23-10-2021 B788Int'l de Los Angeles ()Int'l de Mexico () 12h08 PDT 17h04 CDT 2:55
23-10-2021 B788Int'l de Mexico ()Int'l de Los Angeles () 08h40 CDT 09h56 PDT 3:16
22-10-2021 B788Cancun Int'l ()Int'l de Mexico () 18h58 EST 20h59 CDT 2:00
22-10-2021 B788Int'l de Mexico ()Cancun Int'l () 15h27 CDT 17h04 EST 1:36
22-10-2021 B788Int'l d'Incheon ()Int'l de Mexico () 12h41 KST 11h42 CDT 13:01
21-10-2021 B788Int'l de Mexico ()Int'l d'Incheon () 01h09 CDT 06h05 KST (+1) 14:55
18-10-2021 B788Int'l de Los Angeles ()Int'l de Mexico () 14h38 PDT 19h32 CDT 2:53
18-10-2021 B788Int'l de Mexico ()Int'l de Los Angeles () 10h52 CDT 12h10 PDT 3:17
17-10-2021 B788Cancun Int'l ()Int'l de Mexico () 21h00 EST 22h47 CDT 1:46
17-10-2021 B788Int'l de Mexico ()Cancun Int'l () 17h12 CDT 18h51 EST 1:39
16-10-2021 B788Int'l de Guarulhos ()Int'l de Mexico () 10h41 -03 17h10 CDT 8:28
15-10-2021 B788Int'l de Mexico ()Int'l de Guarulhos () 20h57 CDT 07h57 -03 (+1) 9:00
15-10-2021 B788Int'l de Guarulhos ()Int'l de Mexico () 10h45 -03 17h29 CDT 8:43
14-10-2021 B788Int'l de Mexico ()Int'l de Guarulhos () 20h41 CDT 07h38 -03 (+1) 8:57
14-10-2021 B788Int'l de Los Angeles ()Int'l de Mexico () 11h53 PDT 16h55 CDT 3:01
14-10-2021 B788Int'l de Mexico ()Int'l de Los Angeles () 08h15 CDT 09h25 PDT 3:09
13-10-2021 B788Cancun Int'l ()Int'l de Mexico () 19h48 EST 21h31 CDT 1:42
13-10-2021 B788Int'l de Mexico ()Cancun Int'l () 16h25 CDT 18h10 EST 1:44
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