ADS-B Flight Scanner (formerly FlightFeeder app for Android)

On September 15, 2016 all official support for the FlightFeeder app for Android was discontinued, as previously announced in our forums. All existing users continuing to run an old version of the app will notice that data uploaded by the app will no longer be counted towards their ADS-B statistics. All users installing or updating to the current version of the app will notice that the name has changed to "ADS-B Flight Scanner" and that it no longer contains the option to login or upload data to FlightAware servers, however you will still be able to use the app to view aircraft received by your Android.

The Source Code is Open and Available

The source code for the ADS-B Flight Scanner app was released as Open Source on github. We encourage all interested developers to fork our repo and make their own derivative apps.

Still want to upload data? No problem!

You can run a FlightAware ADS-B ground station in a variety of other ways. View the Build a PiAware page to build your own ADS-B ground station. If you are located in an area where we don't have coverage, you can request a free FlightFeeder ADS-B receiver from FlightAware.

For users that are already running PlanePlotter for a Windows machine, view the PlanePlotter setup page and we'll buy you a license for feeding data to FlightAware. For users that have other existing hardware, we offer setup guides for Radarcape as well.

Why share with FlightAware?

Users sending ADS-B data to FlightAware will see live (non-delayed) data, have their own data highlighted on FlightAware track logs, see additional information on ADS-B from elsewhere, receive custom statistics and more information on ADS-B sites around the world.

As a thank you for your contribution to our community, FlightAware offers a free Enterprise Account (USD89.95/mo value) to users who share their data.

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