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Jim, all of his pictures are "acquired" from the internet.

Written on 25/06/2018 by Scot Wattawa

thanks :) I dont know either, I like these shots too

Written on 25/06/2018 by Christoph Plank

Stolen from Jetphotos and the photographer is Gerrit Griem.

Written on 25/06/2018 by jim gevay

Photo stolen from, and the photographer is Philip Debski.

Written on 25/06/2018 by jim gevay

Love this plane. Saw Bob Hoover fly one many times.

Written on 25/06/2018 by jahamley

Smoking the mains.

Written on 25/06/2018 by Carlos Mainzer

wow! Nice shot Uwe!

Written on 25/06/2018 by Carlos Mainzer

Another stolen photo he found on Jetphotos, the real photographer is Iván Cabrero.

Written on 25/06/2018 by jim gevay

Fun use of perspective at Grand Junction, Colorado, airport.

Written on 25/06/2018 by Paul Wisgerhof

Love Concorde. Thanks

Written on 25/06/2018 by 璐铭 于

I see that this clown has changed the remarks and removed MSP as the place this photo was taken at.
But it's still STOLEN!

Written on 25/06/2018 by jim gevay

Yep! Hands down Aced it. Perfect capture of an epic fighter. Well done.

Written on 24/06/2018 by doug ogle

Looking forward to flying on the A380.

Written on 24/06/2018 by John Schmidt

What a great shot! Noticing the engine gauges on the facing strut panel. Saves on cabling, maintenance and weight.

Written on 24/06/2018 by CHRIS ROBEY

Thanks guys!

Written on 24/06/2018 by Mark Thomas

Based on when this was posted, my guess is that this would indeed be Air Force 1, with the President departing KDAL after addressing the annual NRA meeting in Dallas.

Written on 24/06/2018 by Mark Henley

jobeard -- Other than the fact that Fallon and Las Vegas are both in the state of Nevada, NAS Fallon has no geographical "connection" to Las Vegas. Perhaps you are thinking of Nellis, the Air Force base, which is located a short distance north of Las Vegas. Naval Air Station Fallon is many, many hours (7 hours or so if you drive at a steady 75 MPH) away from Las V, but it is only one hour (driving at 70 MPH) from Reno/Sparks, so NFL's geographical affiliation is with those two cities. And Mr. Perkins's excellent photo was most definitely taken at NFL.

Written on 24/06/2018 by Gary Schenauer

Howdy, Uwe! You're welcome, and greetings from sunny Arizona!

Written on 24/06/2018 by Greg Byington

And again, another stolen photo off the web from a news story.
And another thing, in a million years this photo wasn't taken at MSP. That's my home base where I grew up. There are no houses near the runway at MSP like in the photo, looks East coast, like Boston.

Written on 24/06/2018 by jim gevay

Another stolen photo from

Written on 24/06/2018 by jim gevay

Another stolen photo by this guy who claims to be a photographer.
Found like a lot of "his" photos on

Written on 24/06/2018 by jim gevay

BRILLIANT - thanks

Written on 24/06/2018 by ian mcdonell

jobeard - this one is a Piper L-4J Grasshopper. Here's some info on it from Joe Baugher's published data...

"Piper L-4J Grasshopper, Model J3C-65D".
"80789 (MSN 13085) registered N73490; reregistered N31004 8Sep11, current [Oct16]".

The "Bird Dog" was the L-19/O-1, built by Cessna. A later design and of all metal construction; first flying in 1949. It was used in S.E. Asia and the Vietnam War.

Written on 24/06/2018 by cliff731

jobeard - not a Piper Pawnee, but rather a Weatherly 620B with a P&W R-985 radial engine built in 1997...

Written on 24/06/2018 by cliff731

aka "Bird Dog" in S.E. Asia

Written on 24/06/2018 by jobeard

How many photos do I need to get a comped ride?

Written on 24/06/2018 by warmwynds

psst: Fallon is NE of Las Vegas

Written on 24/06/2018 by jobeard

Piper PA-25 Pawnee crop duster

Written on 24/06/2018 by jobeard

Another stolen photo

Written on 24/06/2018 by Todd Royer

danke :)

Written on 24/06/2018 by Christoph Plank

"Howdy" to the new acquaintances I met at the Open House: Judd, Neil W., Harry, Steve S., Joel, and Lance. Lance - Research sites (15 total) address list will be sent to you by this evening. They will definitely save you a ton of time and enhance your pic info. If I can assist in any other way, let me know. Neil, Judd, and Joel -- website advertisement and F/B site photos will be in your e/m by tonight. Came out ultra-awesome!
Also "Hi" to John. Glad you are doing well. (Wave to all)

Written on 24/06/2018 by Gary Schenauer

DC/MD-10s never got winglets and the tail is a flat cut and not rounded like the on the 10.

Written on 24/06/2018 by quentin larsen

Hi Greg! Thank you for your comment. Yes, you are absolutly right, the aircraft is departing RWY. 25C, 2,4 km away from the Ape's Rock.
Left side in backround is the Maintower, and right hand the Commerz Bank Tower, Germanys highest skyscraper!
This 2 buildings are 14 km away!!

Greetings from Frankfurt!!

Written on 24/06/2018 by Uwe Zinke

Leland... I agree with your opinion. If this guy were a bona fide "spotter", then he's certainly a very well traveled globe trotter!!!

Written on 24/06/2018 by cliff731

Paul... you are very welcome!!! Thanks for the good words regarding Mr. Baugher's extensive work.

Written on 24/06/2018 by cliff731


Written on 24/06/2018 by Brian Wilkes

Thanks, Cliff. I've updated the metadata to 98001. Great resource.

Written on 24/06/2018 by Paul Novarese

Nice picture. This is a Cessna 441 Conquest.

Written on 24/06/2018 by jim dewitt

Man. I never thought I'd see a plane full of people that play fortnite.

Written on 24/06/2018 by Dylan Kortman

That looks like a DC 10, not an MD 11

Written on 24/06/2018 by Jarle Stenersen

I wonder if the recent foto of Cathay Pacific B773 #B-KPD is stolen? Seems odd for a spotter to go to various airports and post only one foto of an aircraft doesn't it? I think Brian is correct....Indiresha is a fake spotter.

Written on 24/06/2018 by LELAND SCHMIDT

Look on down. The flag on the tail of the RC-13 is also reversed

Written on 24/06/2018 by Kenneth Rehder

According to Joe Baugher's published information, this C-32A should be the first one of the type acquired by the U.S.A.F. and is assigned s/n 98-0001...

"98-0001, Boeing VC-32A, B757-2G4 version of the commercial airliner for VIP transport."
"0001 (MSN 29025/783) tested with civilian registration N3519L. Has been fitted with winglets".

Written on 24/06/2018 by cliff731

From Joe Baugher's published information on this Marine KC-135J, USN BuNo 166765...

"Lockheed Martin KC-130J Hercules, MSN 5565, 166765 with VMGR-352 at MCAS Miramar".

Written on 24/06/2018 by cliff731

As far as I know ,there are no more 747 in AFR fleet..since 2016...IN 2018 no more pilots as well's a joke!

Written on 24/06/2018 by serge LOTH

That's a great idea! nice picture by the way.

Written on 24/06/2018 by serge LOTH

this guys a fake!

Written on 24/06/2018 by Brian Wilkes

yeah all of his pic are fake and or stolen!

Written on 24/06/2018 by Brian Wilkes

Actually, it should be written 166765. No dashes like AF aircraft. It is almost literally the actual number of Navy aircraft that have been manufactured since the beginning.

Nice shot.

Written on 24/06/2018 by Doug Zalud

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