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Air Canada 624, A320 Hard Landing at Halifax, Minor Injuries

Flight AC624 "took a very hard landing and skidded off the runway" at approximately 12:35 a.m. AT said Peter Spurway, a spokesman for the Halifax Stanfield International Airport. FlightAware Track: https://flightaware.com/live/flight/ACA624/history/20150329/0055Z/CYYZ/CYHZ Image of Damage: https://twitter.com/airlivenet/status/582064632518574081/photo/1 (www.cbc.ca) Plus d'info...

UPS looking to recruit more women into aviation fields

Louisville's largest employer is looking to attract women to careers in aviation -- a field dominated by men. The Worldport hub is rolling out the red carpet trying to recruit more women into a specific part of its workforce. (www.wdrb.com) Plus d'info...

Capt. Sullenberger: Aviation culture needs to allow pilots to get help

It was the co-pilot of Germanwings Flight 9525, Andreas Lubitz, who was in the cockpit when the plane crashed into the French Alps. Investigators called it a "deliberate" move, one that killed Lubitz and 149 others. His motive is still unclear, leading to questions about how the aviation industry screens pilots for issues like mental health. (www.cbsnews.com) Plus d'info...

Aviation Expert: How Well Is US Cockpit Policy Enforced?

While many have touted a U.S. policy that prevents commercial pilots from being left alone in the cockpit, aviation expert Todd Curtis says he has concerns about how well the policy is enforced. (www.newsmax.com) Plus d'info...

Pilot Unions Protest Germanwings Investigation Leaks

French pilot union Syndicat National des Pilotes today complained about what it calls a “violation of professional secrecy” over the allegedly unauthorized leaking of the contents of cockpit voice recorder (CVR) recovered from the wreckage of the Germanwings Airbus A320 that crashed in the French Alps on March 24. (www.ainonline.com) Plus d'info...

FAA Encourages Scenario-Based Go-Around Training

Although the FAA’s recent Safety Alert for Operators (Safo) 15004 was created to encourage airlines to incorporate scenario-based go-around training into their pilot-training curricula, the concept is just as important for business aviation flight departments. (www.ainonline.com) Plus d'info...

Boeing parks two American Airlines 787s in desert as it waits on delayed seat delivery

Boeing is reluctantly storing two new 787 Dreamliners in the California desert as it waits for French seat maker Zodiac Aerospace to catch up with delivery of its high-end seats. (www.bizjournals.com) Plus d'info...

FAA Publishes New Policy on Flight Procedures, Airspace

The FAA updated Order 8260.19G, detailing new national guidance for all FAA personnel responsible for implementing the U.S. flight procedures and airspace program. The order, which supersedes 8260.19F, also provides guidance for the military and other government agencies to use when interacting with the FAA regarding instrument flight procedures. (www.ainonline.com) Plus d'info...

Etihad chief warns open skies spat could put brakes on global aviation

Etihad Airways’ chief executive hit out at the protectionist mood in Europe and the United States on Thursday, warning that the ultimate price of any action taken against Arabian Gulf airlines would be the impact on the future growth of the global aviation industry. (www.thenational.ae) Plus d'info...

Experts see pilotless future of aviation

Every day, dozens of unmanned jet aircraft as big as private business jets take off from airports scattered around the globe. They fly for thousands of kilometres, staying aloft for as long as 36 hours, often changing course to cope with unexpected developments, before returning to land. (www.theglobeandmail.com) Plus d'info...


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