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Brexit vote threatens dire consequences for UK aviation

Peter Morris, chief economist at Ascend Flightglobal Consultancy, here teases out some of the aviation implications of the UK electorate's vote to exit the European Union ( Plus d'info...

What Does Brexit Mean for Commercial Aviation?

While the consequences of this decision naturally have a major impact across Britain’s society and economy, the impact on aviation will be particularly acute. ( Plus d'info...

Incident: Alaska B737 over Pacific on Jun 22nd 2016, brakes issue

An Alaska Airlines Boeing 737-800, registration N517AS performing flight AS-861 from Seattle,WA to Kahului,HI (USA), was enroute at FL360 over the Pacific Ocean about 250nm short of the destination when the crew changed their destination to Honolulu,HI advising they needed the longer runway ( Plus d'info...


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