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Boeing 747-400 (PH-BFL)


landing sxm


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Lloyd Boyette
What a very cool picture! Thanks for posting that one. ;)
Triple seven Flyer
this would make a great painting!!!
wakin yu
John Marotta
1000 starz if I could. a picture is worth a thousand words but I'm speechless !
Alan Peterson
Saint Juliana airport in St. Maarten. The capture of the airplane is awesome in itself, but the people too is priceless !
Fidel Mendez
St Maarten incredible landings.Nice shot.
Robert Ferrell
That's one glide slope you better hit every time.
Jeffrey Bryner
Best TNCM composition I've seen yet. Love the different reactions of the people in the photo. Bravo.
Kurt Anderson
That photo should get a 5.0 hands down.
Kurt Anderson
On second thought, I'd pick a better place to play on the beach.
Chuck Masirovits
Love the girl in the pink top (on the right) taking a pic after the -47s already by her!
This one is great.
I think the girl in the pic is taking a selfie?
ken kemper
Wow.....even if there was no plane in the pic....incredible shot.

Richard Myers
I've seen many shots of people on that stretch of beach welcoming a landing aircraft, but that is the best shot I've seen yet of the St. Maarten Welcoming Team.
I've got to make this one of my desktop wallpapers.
Wonderful composition. Superb indeed!
Thomas Wenzlaff
Cooll pic.
Julian LaBelle
I want to live on that beach
Pierre Clermont
superbe photo
Ditto other comments about the people---priceless! You should enter it in general photo contests because of them.
Robert Fleming
that is unbelievably low!
awesome picture....hands down
Blair Stewart
that girl in the corner tho
Blair Stewart
that girl in the corner tho
Blair Stewart
that girl in the corner tho
Teresa chadwick
Wow! What a sight! Scary and exciting all at the same time..Amazing..
baldman man
Zachary Sinn
sven vollert
absolut great picture :-)
is beatiful ,the best pilots landing there
Very cool. Does anyone else see that the expressions on the people look very similar to a Norman Rockwell painting?
Roy Hunte
What about that wimpy guy in the middle with knees pressed together
Daniel Morales
gabonik gabonik
willem leistra
it,s the arrival of Kl 785 from amsterdam.
this spectacle you can enjoy 3 times a week on tuesday,thursday and sunday about 10.30 AM.local.(in european wintertime +1)
2 hours later it goes to curacao so then you have at this place a gygantic jet blast with heavy sandstorm on the Maho beach.
Awesome for plane spotters and you don,t need a raincoat!!.
Thomas Musticchi
I landed here in August of 2005 in my C172, N9690H. Didn't get this reaction I'm sure. No photos either!
Nuno Dias
so cool
Don Watkins
I hate to have to explain the girl on the right in the pink top taking the a photo, but one second earlier the plane was in front of her, she took her picture then and is looking at it now
Joe Wood
The girl in the white bikini on her knees with her back to the camera. Is there a shot somewhere where she is standing and facing the camera? NICE! Oh and cool plane...
Great experience ! Very cool photo.
Look at all the people ducking!
Donald Macomber
This has to be the best beach EVER :)
michel charron
Nice Martial.
a marvelous shot
a marvelous shot
Lutz Matthias Berger
A fantastic shot!
conrad booze
Been their, done that.
Been there, saw that and its something that every one should see and experience in their lifetime!
a wonderful shot
Jim Herring
I assume no hats or beach stuff got sucked into the engines. Wow what a picture.
Jim Herring
Wow! What a picture. I assume no hats got sucked into the engines.
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Date Avion Provenance Destination Départ Arrivée Durée
19-05-2019 B744Int'l de San Francisco ()Amsterdam-Schiphol () 14h37 PDT 09h21 CEST (+1) En vol
19-05-2019 B744Int'l de San Francisco ()Amsterdam-Schiphol () 14h37 PDT 09h13 CEST (+1) En vol
19-05-2019 UnknownAmsterdam-Schiphol ()Int'l de San Francisco () 14h33 CEST 11h19 PDT 5:45
19-05-2019 B744Amsterdam-Schiphol ()Int'l de San Francisco () 10h23 CEST 11h19 PDT 9:56
18-05-2019 B744Aeropuerto Hato ()Amsterdam-Schiphol () 14h49 AST 05h15 CEST (+1) 8:26
18-05-2019 B744Amsterdam-Schiphol ()Aeropuerto Hato () 09h52 CEST 12h58 AST 9:06
14-05-2019 B744Johan Adolf Pengel Int'l (Zanderij Int'l) ()Amsterdam-Schiphol () 18h33 -03 07h36 CEST (+1) 8:02
14-05-2019 B744Amsterdam-Schiphol ()Johan Adolf Pengel Int'l (Zanderij Int'l) () 12h02 CEST 15h43 -03 8:41
13-05-2019 B744Int'l de San Francisco ()Amsterdam-Schiphol () 14h13 PDT 08h58 CEST (+1) 9:45
13-05-2019 B744Amsterdam-Schiphol ()Int'l de San Francisco () 10h14 CEST 11h35 PDT 10:21
13-05-2019 B744Int'l Jomo Kenyatta ()Amsterdam-Schiphol () 00h31 EAT 07h04 CEST 7:33
12-05-2019 B744Amsterdam-Schiphol ()Int'l Jomo Kenyatta () 13h50 CEST 22h25 EAT 7:34
11-05-2019 B744Int'l de San Francisco ()Amsterdam-Schiphol () 14h11 PDT 08h58 CEST (+1) 9:47
11-05-2019 B744Amsterdam-Schiphol ()Int'l de San Francisco () 10h46 CEST 11h34 PDT 9:48
10-05-2019 B744Int'l John-F.-Kennedy ()Amsterdam-Schiphol () 19h36 EDT 08h08 CEST (+1) 6:31
10-05-2019 B744Amsterdam-Schiphol ()Int'l John-F.-Kennedy () 14h56 CEST 15h58 EDT 7:02
10-05-2019 B744Amsterdam-Schiphol ()Int'l John-F.-Kennedy () 14h55 CEST 15h59 EDT 7:04
08-05-2019 B744Aeropuerto Hato ()Amsterdam-Schiphol () 14h53 AST 04h59 CEST (+1) 8:06
08-05-2019 B744Amsterdam-Schiphol ()Aeropuerto Hato () 11h35 CEST 12h48 AST 7:12
08-05-2019 B744Amsterdam-Schiphol ()Aeropuerto Hato () 09h38 CEST 12h40 AST 9:02
07-05-2019 B744Int'l Pearson de Toronto ()Amsterdam-Schiphol () 17h32 EDT 06h06 CEST (+1) 6:33
07-05-2019 B744Int'l Pearson de Toronto ()Amsterdam-Schiphol () 17h31 EDT 06h10 CEST (+1) 6:39
07-05-2019 UnknownAmsterdam-Schiphol ()Int'l Pearson de Toronto () 13h14 CEST 11h43 EDT 4:28
07-05-2019 B744Amsterdam-Schiphol ()Int'l Pearson de Toronto () 10h40 CEST 11h43 EDT 7:03
06-05-2019 B744Aeropuerto Hato ()Amsterdam-Schiphol () 15h12 AST 05h24 CEST (+1) 8:12
06-05-2019 B744Amsterdam-Schiphol ()Aeropuerto Hato () 12h18 CEST 12h48 AST 6:29
06-05-2019 B744Amsterdam-Schiphol ()Aeropuerto Hato () 09h36 CEST 12h41 AST 9:05
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