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Airbus A321 (G-MEDM)


Massive wind gusts hit this baby at the wrong time! She almost went sideways but recovered well. Landing Runway 27R at Heathrow.


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anthony lambing
that must of been scary for soem passengers!
Adam Steinmetz
This is not an a320...its an a321
Joao Ponces
One of the best flying I've witnessed as a passenger on my life was on BMI very new A319 landing in very severe cross wind at LBA, one of the worst Airports in the UK!
strong Xwind from North
Gabriel Lamps
it's rock and roll!
aaah! cross wind alert!!
Johnny Broderick
Wow, nice catch Peter Spence.
jay ohlmeyer
Evan Browne
Wow, why does it look like JetBlue, is there a codeshare?
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Date Avion Provenance Destination Départ Arrivée Durée
26-09-2016 A321Nice Côte d'Azur ()Londres Heathrow () 19h55 CEST 21h00 BST Prévue
26-09-2016 A321Londres Heathrow ()Nice Côte d'Azur () 10h00 BST 12h54 CEST Prévue
26-09-2016 A321Int'l Domodiedovo ()Londres Heathrow () 05h51 MSK 07h19 BST Prévue
25-09-2016 A321Londres Heathrow ()Int'l Domodiedovo () 22h35 BST 04h21 MSK (+1) Prévue
25-09-2016 A321Léonard-de-Vinci de Rome Fiumicino ()Londres Heathrow () 19h41 CEST 20h40 BST En vol
25-09-2016 A321Londres Heathrow ()Léonard-de-Vinci de Rome Fiumicino () 15h06 BST 18h08 CEST 2:02
25-09-2016 A321Nice Côte d'Azur ()Londres Heathrow () 12h09 CEST 12h44 BST 1:35
25-09-2016 A321Londres Heathrow ()Nice Côte d'Azur () 08h10 BST 10h53 CEST 1:43
24-09-2016 A321Léonard-de-Vinci de Rome Fiumicino ()Londres Heathrow () 19h18 CEST 20h18 BST 2:00
24-09-2016 A321Londres Heathrow ()Léonard-de-Vinci de Rome Fiumicino () 14h49 BST 17h53 CEST 2:04
24-09-2016 A321Int'l de Beyrouth - Rafic Hariri ()Londres Heathrow () 08h50 EEST 11h37 BST 4:47
23-09-2016 A321Londres Heathrow ()Int'l de Beyrouth - Rafic Hariri () 14h45 BST 20h53 EEST 4:08
23-09-2016 A321Int'l Queen Alia ()Londres Heathrow () 08h44 EEST 11h51 BST 5:07
22-09-2016 A321Londres Heathrow ()Int'l Queen Alia () 15h58 BST 22h19 EEST 4:21
22-09-2016 A321Int'l Queen Alia ()Londres Heathrow () 08h50 EEST 12h09 BST 5:19
21-09-2016 A321Londres Heathrow ()Int'l Queen Alia () 15h58 BST 22h31 EEST 4:33
21-09-2016 A321Int'l d'Oslo-Gardermoen ()Londres Heathrow () 11h59 CEST 13h08 BST 2:09
21-09-2016 A321Londres Heathrow ()Int'l d'Oslo-Gardermoen () 08h06 BST 10h42 CEST 1:35
20-09-2016 A321Aberdeen ()Londres Heathrow () 20h35 BST 21h40 BST 1:04
20-09-2016 A321Londres Heathrow ()Aberdeen () 18h29 BST 19h32 BST 1:03
20-09-2016 A321Int'l d'Athènes Elefthérios-Venizélos ()Londres Heathrow () 15h02 EEST 16h42 BST 3:39
20-09-2016 A321Londres Heathrow ()Int'l d'Athènes Elefthérios-Venizélos () 08h32 BST 13h36 EEST 3:04
19-09-2016 A321Int'l Domodiedovo ()Londres Heathrow () 19h14 MSK 20h40 BST 3:26
19-09-2016 A321Londres Heathrow ()Int'l Domodiedovo () 11h25 BST 16h55 MSK 3:30
19-09-2016 A321Int'l Domodiedovo ()Londres Heathrow () 06h03 MSK 07h26 BST 3:23
18-09-2016 A321Londres Heathrow ()Int'l Domodiedovo () 23h11 BST 04h35 MSK (+1) 3:24
18-09-2016 A321Int'l Domodiedovo ()Londres Heathrow () 15h55 MSK 17h25 BST 3:30
18-09-2016 A321Londres Heathrow ()Int'l Domodiedovo () 09h07 BST 14h37 MSK 3:30
17-09-2016 A321Int'l Domodiedovo ()Londres Heathrow () 18h18 MSK 19h44 BST 3:26
17-09-2016 A321Londres Heathrow ()Int'l Domodiedovo () 11h24 BST 16h49 MSK 3:24
17-09-2016 A321Int'l Domodiedovo ()Londres Heathrow () 06h00 MSK 07h50 BST 3:50
16-09-2016 A321Londres Heathrow ()Int'l Domodiedovo () 23h01 BST 04h18 MSK (+1) 3:17
16-09-2016 A321Int'l Domodiedovo ()Londres Heathrow () 18h35 MSK 20h18 BST 3:43
16-09-2016 A321Londres Heathrow ()Int'l Domodiedovo () 11h46 BST 17h15 MSK 3:29
15-09-2016 A321Int'l Domodiedovo ()Londres Heathrow () 16h00 MSK 17h23 BST 3:23
15-09-2016 A321Londres Heathrow ()Int'l Domodiedovo () 09h02 BST 14h31 MSK 3:29
14-09-2016 A321Léonard-de-Vinci de Rome Fiumicino ()Londres Heathrow () 19h20 CEST 20h31 BST 2:11
14-09-2016 A321Londres Heathrow ()Léonard-de-Vinci de Rome Fiumicino () 14h54 BST 18h01 CEST 2:07
14-09-2016 A321Int'l Queen Alia ()Londres Heathrow () 09h12 EEST 12h12 BST 5:00
13-09-2016 A321Londres Heathrow ()Int'l Queen Alia () 15h58 BST 22h39 EEST 4:41
12-09-2016 A321Stockholm-Arlanda ()Londres Heathrow () 12h34 CEST 13h51 BST 2:17
12-09-2016 A321Londres Heathrow ()Stockholm-Arlanda () 08h11 BST 11h09 CEST 1:57
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