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Gulfstream Aerospace Gulfstream IV (LXJ455)


LXJ455 with early morning snow.


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Someone needs deicing. Please plan on extra time before departure. Neat photo of a beautiful aircraft. Wish I was aboard.
Harrison MillerPhoto Uploader
I'm extremely disappointed in the terrible attitude some members show on here. Flightaware needs to be policing the ratings much more heavily to find those people who down vote just to be d**ks. Not just me, but other members contribute beautiful photos just to have them down voted by some pr**k. Its getting way out of hand. <br /><br />That said, thank you for the kind words Ernst. It was a gorgeous morning and behind me was LXJ92 (GLEX) for the same trip.
Mark Thomas
Harrison, as some have already said the star ratings on here are irrelevant. I don't know if you watch YouTube at all but the comment section for each video is almost instantly trashed by profanity laced hatred for anyone and anything with an opposing opinion. I find it humorous, but that's just me. Don't let this get you down. There are enough guys on this site who truly appreciate the effort it takes to get these shots and enjoy immensely seeing them! Anonymous coward hacks who 'one star' photos are just trying to get a rise out of you, just ignore it. Keep posting please!
Jim Robinson
Yep, junior will downvote whatever you put up so just think of the &quot;poor vote&quot; as a sort of handicap that applies across the board. He's 14 and his mommy still breast feeds him if that makes you feel any better. We get to screw with his head when he finally busts out and joins the work force. :)<br /><br />It's a great pic, thanks for uploading it.
Scot Wattawa
I agree... Shallow lives, but they are living in the shallow end of the gene pool. I could care less what someone rates my photos at as it is a hobby that I enjoy. If they get their &quot;thrills&quot; by trolling peoples pictures, thery should really get a life.
Michael Richardson
Excellent shot Harrison! Keep up the great work!
Andy Power
Harrison &amp; Mark, comments on YouTube is like saying your a Republican in NYC! lol Harrison, I've been a Gulfstream 20+ yrs but this has to be the 1st I've seen a 1 on a snow covered tarmac with the door open and not a soul in sight! Not saying it's the 1st ever, just my memory....great shot of a gorgeous bird!!
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Date Avion Provenance Destination Départ Arrivée Durée
13-11-2018 GLF4William P Hobby ()John C Tune () 19h07 CST 20h44 CST Prévue
13-11-2018 GLF4Int'l de Minneapolis-Saint-Paul ()William P Hobby () 15h40 CST 18h07 CST Prévue
13-11-2018 GLF4Int'l de Washington-Dulles ()Int'l de Minneapolis-Saint-Paul () 13h16 EST 14h30 CST Prévue
13-11-2018 GLF4Savannah/Hilton Head Intl ()Int'l de Washington-Dulles () 11h04 EST 12h07 EST 1:02
13-11-2018 GLF4Int'l Thurgood Marshall de Baltimore-Washington ()Savannah/Hilton Head Intl () 08h29 EST 09h58 EST 1:28
12-11-2018 GLF4Charleston Intl/AFB ()Int'l Thurgood Marshall de Baltimore-Washington () 18h16 EST 19h23 EST 1:07
12-11-2018 GLF4Int'l Thurgood Marshall de Baltimore-Washington ()Charleston Intl/AFB () 15h54 EST 17h10 EST 1:16
12-11-2018 GLF4Naples Muni ()Int'l Thurgood Marshall de Baltimore-Washington () 12h33 EST 14h34 EST 2:01
11-11-2018 GLF4Palm Beach Intl ()Naples Muni () 21h27 EST 21h51 EST 0:24
11-11-2018 GLF4Scottsdale ()Palm Beach Intl () 15h11 MST 20h41 EST 3:30
11-11-2018 GLF4Napa County ()Scottsdale () 11h20 PST 13h50 MST 1:30
11-11-2018 GLF4Int'l de San José ()Napa County () 09h50 PST 10h08 PST 0:17
10-11-2018 GLF4Daniel Oduber Int'l ()Int'l de San José () 17h09 CST 16h22 PST 1:12
10-11-2018 GLF4Melbourne Intl ()Daniel Oduber Int'l () 08h56 EST 10h38 CST 2:42
09-11-2018 GLF4Int'l Pearson de Toronto ()Melbourne Intl () 14h55 EST 17h18 EST 2:23
09-11-2018 GLF4Teterboro ()Int'l Pearson de Toronto () 10h21 EST 11h29 EST 1:08
09-11-2018 GLF4Morristown Muni ()Teterboro () 08h34 EST 08h41 EST 0:07
08-11-2018 GLF4Int'l Logan ()Morristown Muni () 12h15 EST 13h13 EST 0:58
08-11-2018 GLF4Morristown Muni ()Int'l Logan () 07h44 EST 08h26 EST 0:42
07-11-2018 GLF4Teterboro ()Morristown Muni () 18h05 EST 18h11 EST 0:05
07-11-2018 GLF4Naples Muni ()Teterboro () 14h15 EST 16h33 EST 2:17
07-11-2018 GLF4Rochester Intl ()Naples Muni () 09h48 CST 13h38 EST 2:49
07-11-2018 GLF4Cuyahoga County ()Rochester Intl () 08h36 EST 09h06 CST 1:30
06-11-2018 GLF4Cuyahoga County ()Cuyahoga County () 13h46 EST 14h02 EST 0:16
05-11-2018 GLF4LaGuardia ()Cuyahoga County () 18h23 EST 19h28 EST 1:05
05-11-2018 GLF4Int'l de Washington-Dulles ()LaGuardia () 16h58 EST 17h46 EST 0:48
05-11-2018 GLF4Palm Beach Intl ()Int'l de Washington-Dulles () 08h15 EST 10h02 EST 1:47
04-11-2018 GLF4Int'l Charlotte-Douglas ()Palm Beach Intl () 17h15 EST 18h46 EST 1:31
04-11-2018 GLF4Naples Muni ()Int'l Charlotte-Douglas () 13h55 EST 15h21 EST 1:26
04-11-2018 GLF4Int'l Austin-Bergstrom ()Naples Muni () 09h55 CST 12h48 EST 1:53
04-11-2018 GLF4Addison ()Int'l Austin-Bergstrom () 07h18 CST 07h58 CST 0:40
03-11-2018 GLF4Olive Branch ()Addison () 16h46 CDT 17h55 CDT 1:09
03-11-2018 GLF4Nashville Intl ()Olive Branch () 15h44 CDT 16h19 CDT 0:35
03-11-2018 GLF4Olive Branch ()Nashville Intl () 10h19 CDT 10h50 CDT 0:31
02-11-2018 GLF4Huntsville Muni ()Olive Branch () 09h50 CDT 10h57 CDT 1:07
02-11-2018 GLF4John C Tune ()Huntsville Muni () 07h30 CDT 09h00 CDT 1:30
01-11-2018 GLF4Savannah/Hilton Head Intl ()John C Tune () 16h18 EDT 16h28 CDT 1:10
01-11-2018 GLF4Int'l de Pittsburgh ()Savannah/Hilton Head Intl () 14h07 EDT 15h29 EDT 1:22
01-11-2018 GLF4Int'l Thurgood Marshall de Baltimore-Washington ()Int'l de Pittsburgh () 11h47 EDT 12h29 EDT 0:42
31-10-2018 GLF4Charleston Intl/AFB ()Int'l Thurgood Marshall de Baltimore-Washington () 21h42 EDT 22h43 EDT 1:01
31-10-2018 GLF4Teterboro ()Charleston Intl/AFB () 19h02 EDT 20h32 EDT 1:30
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