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Grumman E-2 Hawkeye (16-8275)


This first FA gallery post of 168275, the VAW-126 "Seahawks" CAG colorbird (Carrier Airborne Early Warning Squadron One Twenty-Six ... Naval Station Norfolk / Carrier Air Wing One ... USS Harry S. Truman ... CVN-75) catches this brand new E-2D Advanced Hawkeye completing a tight left break 360 as it is about to land at NAS Fallon at the end of a lengthy late afternoon training exercise.


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Gary SchenauerPhoto Uploader
Some stats (see *) on the new Northrop Grumman Airborne Early Warning Command and Control E-2D Advanced Hawkeye ... Unfolded wingspan - 80 ft, 7 in // Folded wingspan - 29 ft, 4 in // Rotodome diameter - 24 ft // Cruising speed - 256 kt // Max Cruise speed - 325 kt // Ceiling - 34,700 // Minimum takeoff distance - 1,346 ft // Aerial Refueling capable // Power - Two Rolls-Royce T56-A-427A Turboprops // Crew - Five.
* Permission received from Northrop Grumman for public release of information.
Greg Byington
Well done, Gary!
Alan Brown
Great photo! Thanks!
Leon Kay
Thanks for this great photo and very informative comment. 5*
Charles Wissing
A really wonderful photo of this E2,
Robert Rinehuls
The min take off distance must be without assist from catapult as the Harry S. Truman is 1,092 feet long.
Anas Iqbal
Beautiful shot
Gary SchenauerPhoto Uploader
Greg, Alan, and Leon >> Hi and many Thanks to each of you for your comments about this snap and the other recent pics I've posted. (Wave)
Charles and Anas >> Howdy. Thanks to both of you very much for your comments / complis. (Thumbs Up)
Robert >> Yes, I suppose I should have specified that the minimum T/O distance was the "ground roll" distance. And I guess while I'm here, I should add that the minimum ground roll landing distance (according to NG) is 1,764 feet. Also, I had received an email inquiry which I answered, but just in case anyone else is curious .... unrefueled, it can fly for 5 hours ( ** with the wet outer wing, 8 hours unrefueled).
Tom Vance
2018 USN Calendar snap G-man!!!!!!!!!!wow!!
T-56 Turboprops are a GE design.
Very good shot !!
Gary SchenauerPhoto Uploader
Faultheo >> (Wave) Hi and thank you for the comment.
Alien >> (Big grin) You must have some kind of sixth sense. I just now opened an email from Northrop Grumman and they want the original Hi Res of this snap for ... their next U.S. Congressional calendar! As soon as I log off from here, it will be on its way to them.
Markbjorndal.... >> I briefly went looking on-line ... only info I could find was that the GE T64 and RR T56 are comparable. Thank you for motivating my curiosity and for the info. (Wave)
Hello Gary, thank you for the correction. I did not know that RR aquired Allison for the T-56. I am an old mech with the NEC of 8305 working ont he E-2 B and C models which had the T-56-8-A and overhauling and testing the T-56-10 & 16 along with their components up at Misawa Air Base in Japan before retiring. Congrats on the offer to get this picture published. I love the E-2. One of the best aircraft their is n the Naval Aviation Inventory. Without it, the fleet would be totally blind. Have a great day and keep shooting. I am headed up to KPAE now.
Gary SchenauerPhoto Uploader
Markbjorndal >> I was stationed at 6921st Security Group, Misawa AB 1970-1972. Spent most of my off-duty time in AP Alley. You ever want to see any pics from there, let me know, k? Got lots. (Both thumbs up) OldeCarl@gmail.com
Huge congrats to ya, Gary, for the Northrop Grumman calendar win on this photo!!!

If you ever send any of those pics from your time at Misawa AB, I would enjoy seeing them too!!!
Great catch Gary!
Gary SchenauerPhoto Uploader
Cliff >> Thanx again. (And PS ... I'm about to post an oldie shot from the mid 80s. PP quality but an interesting scene. I'm sure you will like it despite it being so old.)
Leland >> Thank you, my friend. This is the 4th Advanced Hawkeye (E-2D) I've caught. I've got all of them posted, but only two are here in FA. I'll put another one up here soon. But I'm still jealous ... your newest posts (the Beaver) are, as always, super supreme. Please keep snapping that shutter and sharing your shots. ***** every time!
(Wave to both of you)
Jim Turnbull
Nice shot of this E-2D Hawkeye.

The latest version of the Hawkeye has a far more powerful and comprehensive radar than the E-2C 2000.
The cockpit has also been updated with new avionics and it's all glass.
Mission computer gear has also been replaced.

Externally, the E-2D will eventually have airborne refuelling capability and the probe will be housed in a fairing located above the cockpit roof.

USN Air Test and Evaluation Squadron One (VX-1) has been doing evaluation work with E-2Ds being refuelled by a KC-130.

Ultimately, the E-2D will have to be certified to be able to be refuelled by the Super Hornet which is the USN's Air Wing airborne refuelling platform.
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