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Tom Heaverlo
What a great photo!
Marty Nemes
That is pretty F'n cool!
Bill Mortensen
Amazing shot.<br />Who and where??
Ian Moult
That is so good,it's almost to good to be true. <br />The timing is outstanding.
Geoffrey Luck
I don't quite understand. If the shutter speed was fast enough to stop the nearest aircraft, giving a sharp image, why is the other out of focus? The only explanation I can think of is that with an extreme telephoto, the depth of field is so shallow that even the passing aircraft is out of focus. Otherwise, it's a fake.
David Sims
The camera was liking panning with the aircraft that is in focus, which caused the other one to blur slightly. I've managed similar shots of the Blues and T-Birds.
Geoffrey Lock<br />The other plane isn't out of focus<br />The camera is panning with the first one, i.e following it<br />So the one behind is moving the other way relative to the camera and the blur is movement, not focus.<br />If the camera was stationary, bith would be blurred, but 1/2 as much<br />Great Shot!!!
Sorry - Forgot<br />These are Saudi AF BAE Hawk Mk.65As from their display team, the Saudi Hawks<br />Don't know where thou
Miguel Paredes
What an awesome shot! The paint job on those Saudi Hawks, together with the red coloured smoke, make it even better. Kudos to you, eLaRef, simply brilliant!
Ewen A
Absolutely incredible shot, I'm inclined to say once in a lifetime because of all the things that had to go right - at the right moment. Congratulations.
Dagmar Dungee
Wow. I would like to see all these photos posted on Flight Aware have some sort of description, like acft type, where, when, etc. People asking this on every photo posted. What a hell of a capture.
Isaac Vogelzang
That is amazing!
Eddie Wallace
If you operate at F2.8 at say 1/500th sec the depth of field is extremely shallow.I have taken a couple of Swiss F5s doing a mirror image and the second is out of focus.To get the above pic you are either very good or very lucky. But as has been said on numerous times &quot; the more you practise the luckier you get&quot;<br />10/10 as far as I am concerned.
Dale Kline
Sure looks like a &quot;pushme-pullyou&quot; to me! (if you have seen Dr. Doolittle?) Incredible photo though! Wild psychedelic paint job too!
Neil Klapthor
Wow, that's just.....incredible!!
An amazing piece of art!! Thanks for posting.
Doug Zalud
It could have been taken at the air show in Dubai.<br /><br />It's an awesome shot of a rarely seen demo team.
Bob Harrington
FU GENGPhoto Uploader
big thanks to you all for your enjoying
FU GENGPhoto Uploader
hi there. i would like to say something more for this photo. firstly i want to appreciate elaref so much for the comments. this shot was done at Al Ain Air Championship 2015 in al ain, abu dhabi, uae. i took about 1200 photos at this event. it was very lucky that i shot it at the right moment. and i just used nikon d300s and af-s ed 70-300mm 1:4.5-5.6 g if-ed. 1/1250s, f5.6, iso200. this photo was only cropped.
Olivier le Gall
Parfaite !
Was this taken at the Smithsonian?
Joel Lefevre
what a Biplan
John Wallach
Brian McPherson
Awesome shot
Super Photo! I shoot a lot of air shows and getting a shot like this is what we all aim for. Just GREAT!!
Mark Albrecht
Boo to whoever gave this less than a 5!
great shot and... great pilot !!!
Completely, totally, indescribably awesome. Color, plane, action, position... I've run out of words.<br /><br />Oh... Thank you, jimeier, for all your great shots.
FU GENGPhoto Uploader
thank you all again for your enjoying and comments. and it's a pleasure that you are interesting to this pic.
Torsten Schwans
What a special picture.What kind of plane?
Torsten Schwans
Great picture.What kind of planes are that?
FU GENGPhoto Uploader
Big thanks for your all enjoying, and they are Saudi AF BAE Hawk Mk.65As.
Robert Cooperman
Gorgeous photo. I'e never seen one as tood at this ever.
FU GENGPhoto Uploader
big thanks to you all for your enjoying
doug marshburn
THis is one of the best shots ever .
Ramon Jordi
Fantastic catch!
Norman Gurney
What team is this?

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