FlightAware's latest API improvements - Australia, Airline Details, Push Alerts, JSON

lundi, 2 avril 2012 12h00
Last updated 5 years ago.

FlightAware has some great new features available in FlightAware's API --

If you haven't already switched from FlightXML1 to FlightXML2, now is a great time. Not only is it less expensive, but it has far more features and documentation and example code.

New Features:

Push notifications

Rather than polling for flight status and looking for status changes, you can now request HTTP callback notifications from FlightAware. use the SetAlert, RegisterAlertEndpoint, GetAlerts, and DeleteAlert operations to manage alerts. Your application can be noticed about flight plans, schedule changes, departures, arrivals, cancellations, diversions, and more.

Airline gate info (times, assignments, flight info)

FlightXML users can now use the AirlineFlightInfo operation to receive worldwide airline information such as gate assignments, gate times, seat information, aircraft tail number, codeshare details, and meal service information.

You may need to setup a new FlightXML key to receive Australian flight data.

Australian flight data

FlightAware now distributes nationwide Australian flight information for both private and commercial airline flights. FlightXML users can receive the same real-time information (including live positions) currently made available in the United States for all Australian flights.

You may need to setup a new FlightXML key to receive Australian flight data.

JSON Interface

FlightXML 2.0 can also be accessed using a light-weight "Representational state transfer" (REST) inspired protocol that returns its responses encoded in "JavaScript Object Notation" (JSON) format. This allows FlightXML to be used in environments in which it is inconvenient or impossible to invoke SOAP services, such as mobile phone applications, web browser applications, or server-side JavaScript environments.

Please visit the FlightXML site for more information or to get started today. To discuss these changes with FlightAware and other API users, please visit the FlightXML forums.