FlightAware Releases Free, Revolutionary Flight Planning

mercredi, 15 octobre 2008 13h00
Last updated 8 years ago.
FlightAware is proud to announce a free, revolutionary, fuel/time optimizing, online flight planning application. This is a pre-release beta, but the flight planning application is now available at http://flightaware.com/flightplan/

FlightAware Flightplan does not require pilots or dispatchers to pick altitudes, routes, or make guesses about fuel optimizations. Aircraft operators use a web browser to enter minimal information and are presented with an optimized routing matrix from which they can click to file their flight plans with the FAA and print for the cockpit.

A few of the notable features you should be aware of:

- Web based interface (available anytime, anywhere)
- Route/Altitude optimization matrix (find shortest time and/or lowest cost)
- File directly with the FAA
- Mapped routings (with NEXRAD weather)
- Real-time predictive routing based on current ATC data
- Current FBO fuel prices
- METARs, TAFs, national, local, and en route waether
- Bundled terminal procedures (IAPs, DPs, STARs in PDF format)
- Stored aircraft performance data

Users will need to setup pilot information (to file IFR) and aircraft information (for performance calculations). We can provide default performance numbers for many popular aircraft. If your aircraft type does not have performance information already entered, you can enter it yourself or send copies of the relevant POH pages to performance@flightaware.com or fax +1-713-877-9020. FlightAware will enter in the performance tables for you and let you know when you're ready to go.

If you're conducting a short flight and do not need to flight plan (e.g., flying direct <25 miles, etc.), simply click "Simple File" at the top of any flight planning page to quickly & easily file IFR from FlightAware using your pre-defined aircraft and pilots.