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UK Civil Aviation Authority calls on drone pilots to fly responsibly and not disrupt emergency helicopters

Five Yorkshire Air Ambulance flights were disrupted in the last 12 months Drone pilots told to fly responsibly and not disrupt vital emergency helicopters Drone pilots are advised to land if they see or hear a helicopter safely The UK Civil Aviation Authority has today called on all UK drone operators to fly responsibly and avoid flying their drones near emergency services helicopters that are dealing with incidents. The move follows a series of cases where drones have disrupted emergency… ( More...

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Silent Bob 8
Pretty simple solution: treat these like laser events where they track down and arrest the perpetrators.
Jim Quinn 4
Absolutely! I am a commercial drone operator (Notice I didn't say "drone pilot!) (4+ years now) and a PP for 41 years, and I agree wholeheartedly! Some of these idiots flying drones should be hit with some serious fines/sanctions, etc. A couple of my pilot friends were at 2,000 feet and almost hit a drone while flying a light twin into a fairly large city in the northeast and I think they were on an IFR approach if I remember correctly. There is no excuse for this sort of thing. It's both an education thing as well as an attitude thing.
Sam Negrete 2
As the skies get more congested, novel solutions will be needed.
Jim Quinn 2
The remote ID requirement should surely help; I'm in agreement with it...
Bandrunner 1
Simply put a bounty on drones.
Great for community marksmanship practice.
Not applicable to the UK or Ireland though, you can barely own a catapult here.
Dan Stefancik 1
Education only helps those willing to follow the rules. The flagrant offenders will only change their ways if they find that their actions have financial and punitive consequences. US UAV Facebook groups are overrun with operators who refuse to follow FAA regulations and then brag about their exploits. Remote ID requirements are not a deterrent for the ones who are collecting older model UAVs that cannot be auto updated by the manufacturer.
bobinson66 1
There is a legal way to get good wildfire arial footage. My buddy applied to be a volunteer photographer with the state fire authority (CalFire) and they let him attach GoPros to the helicopter skids when they went airdropping. Naturally, he shared the video with CalFire for training purposes but he now has some of the best arial wildfire footage out there.


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