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United Airlines and Pilot Union Sign Massive New Contract

Following in the footsteps of competitors United has finally signed a major pilot contract deal after four long years of negotiations. The deal not only raises pay but is set to provide a suite of other positive benefits to a pilot workforce still reeling from the effects of the pandemic. ( More...

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avionik99 3
So how much more money will the unions make over all these new contracts? Where is that amount in the article?
Neil49 1
Well,that didn't take long.
Silent Bob 0
Sounds like you’re trying to attack unions, but I’ll humor you anyway. Union dues are a fixed amount, 1-2% of pilots incomes. So yes when pilots get a raise more money comes in. Running a union is expensive; they have employees such as attorneys, accountants, financial planners, medical staff etc. They also provide a variety of services to their membership like emergency assistance for families, substance abuse programs, not to mention people and programs that deal with the stuff that happens while at work. Just because some unions, *cough* teamsters, have a bad rap doesn’t mean they’re all bad.


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