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Ukrainian Prosecutors Investigate Alleged Negligence in Destruction of An-225 Myria

KYIV, UKRAINE — Ukrainian prosecutors are investigating a case of alleged official negligence concerning the destruction of the Antonov An-225 heavy transport aircraft during a battle at Kyiv's Gostomel airport. ( More...

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All they had to do was not fly it home the week before.
djames225 6
It was due for heavy maintenance due to an engine issue. All they had to do was listen to Dmytro Antonov (no relation) when he stated "fly the thing out on 5 engines. Fuel should be good and can balance flight of engines to compensate flight to Leipzig." Can have a 124 deliver an engine to Germany. Except higher ups didnt listen, and most were already in Germany.
That plus that so called letter from Antonov management sure looks fake considering they stated employees worked through the night to install the 6th engine...yet when the plane was hit it still only had 5 engines.
Andy Ridings 4
Ever occurred to any one that these crooks wanted to see it destroyed
Scorcher 2
I am in agreeable with your comment Andy. The entire situation stinks to me…it stinks like an inside job. Someone high up within the SBU has much to answer for…possibly (likely) treason.

btweston 0
No, Mr. Lebowski. It had not occurred to us.
Andrew Bunker 2
Such a shame this aircraft which I have seen many times when it was based at Stansted UK and I hope that the second airframe will one day get completed.
Jim DeTour 0
I saw a video of the airort grounds with the Ukrainians slava Ukraining about sueriorness in firepower. The video was on youtube. If you figure in common sense and weigh the how there were so many large caliber bmp shell casing all across the grounds of the airport you might just think when the helicoters dropped off the Russians air assault troops with machineguns and rpg's the Ukrainians drove in blasting everything. It worked to take the ground but sure didn't do the facility any good. Hangers and everything else were shredded by artillery and ground fire. The guy in the video pointed out how you couldn't hardly walk without stepping on one of the cannon shells the bmp's used. They did accomplish killing.

On the investigation side. It isn't the first and probably not the last purge for power.
"They did accomplish killing" - so, they were doing THEIR JOBS during a time of war. Next story.


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