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These 4 Airlines Do Not Fly On Christmas Day

There are a few airlines which do not fly on Christmas Day, for varying reasons including celebrating Christmas and giving their workers a break. ( More...

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EMK69 11
Good for them.
Brian Rushfeldt 7
yes staff deserve the recognition as does the holiday.
Frank Warzocha 3
When I first got hired by United after serving 19 months in Vietnam,I was told I have to work holidays and weekends. After 34 years I worked just about every holiday and most of my weekends and put my son thru collage . Today employees quit after working a few weekends cause they want the freedom of going out with there friends. Times have changed.
Ryan Hothersall 3
Regional Express here in Australian don't fly on Christmas Day.

David Bunch 1
"...doesn't fly on..."
Dorothy Ipolito 3
Either does Southwest
Larry Toler 2
Our cargo and pax flights while in the USAF did not cease for any holiday. Christmas may have been slower operations at the Aerial Ports but really, just business as usual.
sparkie624 2
I wish more Airlines did... None over here in the US.. The power of the all mighty Dollar!
Randall Bursk 1
Travel is 24/7 business. Religions celebrate differently. Flying on 25 December, no traffic, no stress. Working for a company that has good insurance, benefits is an extra. Employee is responsible for following policy and procedures. Always can find other employment.
sharon bias -4
Christmas is a Christian holiday. As long as the airline understands that the majority of the worlds population, and potential customers, don't celebrate this holiday, it's a good idea. Does El Al airlines fly on Yom Kippur?
Yehuda Mond 5
Yom Kippur? Ha. El Al doesn't fly on Friday night-Saturday (Shabbos) or any Jewish holiday!
As a Jew, I respect and even encourage airlines in Christian-predominant countries (the US included) to close operations on Xmas. These holidays are to be taken seriously by their practitioners.
Roger Anderson 4
When other companies close for a staff appreciation party for instance, isn't that basically the same thing? They value a certain day and want everyone on their team to be able to get time off to celebrate it. Sounds plausible.
Lance Neward -1
No, it's not basically the same thing, by a long shot. When an 8-to-5 company closes for a staff party, it's because their operations permit it. Medical people work on holidays, as do police and fire personnel, and air traffic controllers. Having time for "personnel to be with their loved ones" means, in addition to shutting down the airline ops, they would also have to get all those crew members back to their loved ones, then get them back to their aircraft in time for a startup. If particular flights are not flown on a particular day, more often than not it's for load or other operational reasons.
chugheset 3
Why is it necessary for Ryanair to understand the nature of the holiday. I would think it should be the other way around in that non-Christian potential customers should understand Ryanair's policy.


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