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Flight Cancellations Continue to Worsen in Europe

People that have gone on holiday this summer have been plagued with delays, cancellations, and baggage issues across Europe—but what is to blame for all of this? Will there be an end to this in the not too distant future? Of course, with any trip you risk delays and cancellations but it's sad to say that some destinations and airports have been swamped more than others. ( More...

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Patrick Wahle 1
Covid has nothing to do with this mess. It’s the gene therapy mandate which is the cause. Airlines received billions of dollars to keep them afloat but they still fired zillions employees who refused to take the jab. These people found work elsewhere and won’t be returning in one of the worst industries.
Add to this executive orders from senile or stupid political leaders and you get the perfect recipe for disaster.
avionik99 1
The continent is still on its knees after Covid-19 battered it from 2020 to early 2022

No! It was the political overreaction to covid that decimated the industry and the economies of nearly all countries.


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