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Aeroflot Forced To Forfeit London Heathrow Slots Permanently

One week ago the British government announced sanctions against three Russian airlines: Aeroflot, Ural Airlines and Rossiya Airlines. This kept them from selling or leasing takeoff and landing slots at U.K. airports. Russian airlines already couldn’t enter U.K. airspace. We now know what this means in practice for their London Heathrow slots: Russian airlines don’t just lose the ability to profit from their slots, they actually lose the slots. Russian airlines will subject to the airport’s ‘use… ( More...

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Peter Ashby 9
"Out of business ", therefore no longer needed/ in use ,they were "stolen " from the finance companies and deliberately re-registered. Going to return the aircraft to the legal owners now?
nathan salzman 10
the airline, the country, Putin, one and the same!
Arnold Iniguez 1
Yay the DESPOT not soon enough. 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼
Dale Johnson 1
It must be frustrating to be a Russian citizen these days.
Ric Wernicke 1

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Kathie Daniel 27
I think that is the point. To force the airlines to pressure #Putler into stopping his war.
erratica13 11
According to the Centre for Aviation, the Russian government owns 51%— a controlling stake—of Aeroflot. (49% is listed on the Russian stock exchange.) This sort of makes sense since Aeroflot was originally the state airline of the Soviet Union before the break-up. Rossiya Airline is a subsidiary of Aeroflot, and Ural airlines seems to be mostly controlled by banking interests in Russia. Since almost all the bankers in Russia do business at Putin's pleasure, even Ural seems tied up snugly with Putin's and the Russian government's interests. Therefore, taking the slots away from these airlines has a direct negative effect on Putin's influence, the Russian government's power, and the Russian economy—precisely what international sanctions are supposed to accomplish.

Could it put those airlines out of business? Sure. Ball is in Russia's court. Leave Ukraine and pay reparations for all the lives and infrastructure they've destroyed during the invasion and maybe Russia gets to have an airline industry again.
Arne Velez 11
The Airlines in Russia, just like everything else there are connected and the same as the government(or the virtual dictator, Vlad The Putz!). What you and the the Russians call a "military operation" is a brutal imperialistic aggression to a peaceful sovereign nation. They are killing civilians , destroying infrastructure and damaging the food source for millions. Hurray for Britain's Action!


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