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U.S. CDC to collect data on southern Africa passengers over COVID variant

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) told airlines in a letter late Tuesday that they must turn over names and contact information for any travelers who within 14 days have been to Botswana, Eswatini, Lesotho, Malawi, Mozambique, Namibia, South Africa and Zimbabwe, citing "the emergence of the Omicron variant of the virus that causes COVID-19". ( Plus d'info...

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ADXbear 4
What.... close the entry... let's be like Australia
feknight 4
Total overreaction. An example of Afriphobia. There are now 26 countries (at the last count I saw published) with reported cases of Omicron. Are all 26 on the prohibited/restricted/tracked list? NO. And what about the countries that ARE on that list? Not all of those countries even have cases of Omicron. So why are they being tracked specially and differently than those other countries? It's just an unscientific, fear based list - Afriphobia.
Jens Detmold 1
Namibia is one of the safest country.population 2,5 million.
3 times the size of germany who have 85 million people.
JJ Johnson -6
Comrade Joe Biden (Liar)

No more masks if you are vaccinated
I will never force a federal vaccination

First Omicron variant in America was a fully immunized person

The Biden Administration is a clown car
Matt Reardon -2
Not surprising at all, mass vaccination of course as you might suspect, as mass requirements for an antibiotic would do, selects out resistant strains. That is one reason why mass vaccinations should touted as a magical solution, and why in this 21st century we should be using modern methods to identify those small specific subpopulations that actually might benefit from a vaccine because the VAST majority do not and will. not. The entire issue of vaccines is an 18th century solution that the public health people refuse to look at in a much larger context than their automatic parrot-like thinking. There is more than ample reason to question EVERYTHING about their beloved 18th century solution to every problem - you can start by looking at diease incidence trajectories for those diseases and see that the slopes of declines in the disease rates were established long before vaccinations were required, and i wont mention the obviosu relating to the ineffectiveness of flu vaccines in stopping the previous influenza pandemics that for most of us were far far worse and far more obvious that this so called pandemic which has been mostly limited to TV dramatics.
Matt Reardon -2
It is totally unreasonable but consistent with the CDC having become a totally out-of-control, totally unaccountable, arrogant agency of the government with absolutely no checks on its self-assumed and apparently unbounded self-appointed authorities. And a good part of why this has happened is the lazy, unquestioning, so judiciary that is without any questioning, without any demand for reasonable cause, nor limits of scope or temporality on whatever the CDC and/or state public health agencies pull out their collective asses. Firstly as medical organizations it is unethical for physicians or the public health nurses to be demanding or forcing ANYTHING on ANYBODY. Medicine is about informing, advising, asking - not arrogant demands, not forcing treatments or other measures. These letters should be advisory or requests if they were proper. Any such demands should be thoroughly screened by a highly skeptical judiciary that should demand a detailed written justification and demand a strict and short-lived time limit. Furthermore the judiciary should demand why EVERY such traveler needs to be identified and not just an appropriate random SAMPLE that could provide the same information. What we have here is complete failure of checks and balances, the ascendancy of unbelievable heights of arrogance by governmental medical agencies that defy medical ethics, and an excessively passive unquestioning public. The other absurd foolish aspects of these inconsistent idiotic Covid policies that have been forced upon us, the no-end-in-sight arbitrary requirements that defy normal decision making and management processes, as well as the criminal unpreparedness of the CDC for focused efficient reaction we can leave to a much much longer diatribe.
Terry Martin -1
non-vaccinated COVID hospital admissions soar above vaccinated. Hmm, why?
Variants of virus continue to be identified.
Where do you see this ending?
Oh, by the way- This is not a flu virus..
bentwing60 1
Variants of virus continue to be invented.


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