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Boeing's dreamliner seems to be a flying turkey

Boeing's manufacturing woes appear to be getting worse after engineers investigating a litany of manufacturing defects on the 787 Dreamliner found even more problems than they expected. ( Plus d'info...

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Ken McIntyre 2
"Turkey" seems a little over the top. Flown on them several times and like them a lot.
William Reading 1
From the article:
There are about 20 locations on Dreamliners where potential quality breaches have been identified, said one of the people, who asked not to be identified discussing a confidential matter. At a Boeing fabrication plant in South Carolina, for example, mechanics are inspecting the area surrounding doors at the rear of the aircraft for tiny gaps, one of the people said. Dreamliners continue to roll off the line in North Charleston at a slow rate of two planes a month, the person said. Conducting the inspections can be time consuming and costly since, in some areas of the plane, workers have to tear out passenger cabins to gain access.

The planemaker had initially requested permission to inspect a handful of planes and, if they passed, use its regimen for the rest of the undelivered aircraft, the people said. The FAA rejected that plan, and company and the regulator haven't yet agreed on an appropriate level of inspections,.

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