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Preparing For Single Pilot Operations: Collins Aerospace’s Perigon

Earlier this year, Collins Aerospace launched a new, state-of-the-art flight control computer known as Perigon™. Boasting 20 times the processing power of its predecessors, this neat bit of kit provides the aerospace industry with the tools it needs to advance aviation’s future capabilities. ( Plus d'info...

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bbabis 2
Single pilot and autonomous operations are coming like an avalanche to aviation. You can stick your head in the sand and be buried by it or learn about it, embrace it, and ride the wave.

I’ve been an ATP for 43 years. Cut my teeth in the Gear up, Flaps up, Shut up system. Then helped bring CRM to the fortune 50 flight department I was in and flew as a crew member for 35 years. The last 8 have been as single pilot on SP certified jet aircraft and have been the most enjoyable and safest yet. Aircraft capabilities are awesome and improving all the time. Even in the busiest airspace the ability to Aviate, Navigate, and Communicate is enhanced by automation. 99.9% of the people advocating two pilots simply want another heartbeat in the cockpit and that for now is still a viable concern. The Collins, Garmin, and other manufacturers that don’t want to be left behind have addressed this concern with pilot incapacitation check and auto-land technology. The future is amazing. When I’m ready for a break I’ll hand prop the Single Pilot, needle, ball, and alcohol Champ and go look at leaves.
patrick baker 0
single pilot seems to be coming due to wonder boxes in the cockpit: collins perigon and others as idiotic. A pair of properly trained, rested, and healthy pilots renders moot all these wonderous promises moot. Advancing aviations's furture capabilities is what?: reducing crew size to one or none, eliminating flight officers salaries, benefits and other costs, taking the pleasure and joy out of the job as much as can be squeezed out? There is so much electronic advances now already in cockpits of airliners, what quantum leap have we all not seen yet?
jbermo -2
What quantum leap have we not seen yet? Perhaps one that eliminates the cause of PK-8303, Atlas Air Flight 3591, Germanwings Flight 9525, Asiana OZ214, Colgan Air Flight 3407, Ethiopian Flight 302, AAL 587, AF 447, UPS 1354, Aeroflot 1492 . . . ect, ect.

patrick baker 0
these instances of pilot error, pilot suicides, pilot incompetence or bad performance are facts of life where humans interact with airplanes. Expert programmers are not able to eliminate these outcomes, so we are stuck with a tiny percentage of bad outcomes-deaths from flying. Is it in any way realistic to say adverse outcomes can be weeded out by expert programmers, therefore automated no-pilot cockpits are better than having two or even one pilot up front? Not in my opinion.
Paul Wisgerhof 0
If 5G phone towers can interfere with a radar/radio altimeter this electronic box will kill you.
ADXbear 0
I'm just so uncomfortable with a pilotless flight deck... single pilot.. not happy about it, I'm sure future pilots will diminish even further than today as they are replaced... he'll I dont even like autonomous cars..

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