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PEC King Air crash PT-ONJ

Thoughts and prayers to the crew and passengers. ( Plus d'info...

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boughbw 4
This has been dominating the Brazilian news this evening. Photos of the plane at the crash site show it to be damaged, but I am unsure why there were not any survivors. The distant shots of the plane show the cabin mostly intact. It will be interesting to see what news comes out about this crash. It is sad for all involved that this is the outcome.
I hope the crew did not feel they were under pressure to get their passengers to their destination by a certain time.
DAL498 2
News says they hit a power line. Whether there was an aerodrome notam for the obstacle is the million dollar question. Like previous comments I also wonder why there weren’t any survivors. The cabin is intact. Maybe no one was wearing seat belts?
bbabis 2
I was in Cincinnati when a Navajo chieftain operated by ComAir VMCd into the ground on takeoff and hit pretty flat. The cabin looked pretty good but all onboard (9?)perished from head and neck trauma. We’re pretty fragile creatures. May all RIP.
linbb 1
Sad deal we have over the years in the USA lost rising stars also along with NASCR dirvers in the same. Too bad as when accidents like this happen qutie often it the fault of the pilot and crew not the airplane.

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