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American, Southwest Airlines Update Plans for Unvaccinated Employees

American Airlines won’t automatically fire employees who aren’t vaccinated by the airline’s deadline, and Southwest Airlines won’t place unvaccinated employees on unpaid leave, according to recent updates by airline officials and unions. ( Plus d'info...

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Matt Reardon -5
Covid per se is vastly over stated by the media, its the foolishness/idiocy of the covid-related policies that have wreaked the havoc and continue to greatly damp motivation and allow to continue the serious second and 3rd order severe consequences ( eg world wide supply chain disruptions) of the very very ill advised policies that did NOTHING to stop or mitigate the virus nor the lies and distortions about it by media and government. Co id per se would not have had any measurable economic impact. Even before covid 70 MILLION people died annually (globally) that is just the normal death rate well integrated into economic numbers. People dont want to work b/c covid policies rewarded them for not working, many became habituated to pot , many dont want the discomfort and nuisance and humiliation of being forced to wear masks ALL shift long, or having to deal with the weirdo covid behaviors, or what many now realize are the preposterous inconsistencies that make a ridiculous mockery of the remaining government and big company restrictions, or that are forcing unwanted and largely unneeded minimally tested and misrepresented medical treatments on them.
Brian James 3
You might want to mention this to the families of the 700,000 Americans who have died of Covid. You're spewing a whole bunch of QAnon propaganda
tcavin -3
so anyone who disagrees with you is spwewing propaganda.... Data/science does not support the overreach policies....
Christos Psarras 2
Have some more Coolaid.

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