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Tokyo earthquake hit as plane was on runway: pilot tells what it was like

A commercial airline pilot tells what it felt like in his plane as the magnitude 9.0 earthquake hit in Japan at 5pm on March 11th. ( More...

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Chris Murray 0
The plane was taxiing, not on the runway. I love the media. Glad everybody was ok.
David Sims 0
Probably pretty similar to what it feels like in a car, the suspension dampens a lot of the movement.
mark tufts 0
thank god the pilot realized something was wrong and thank god A T C made the announcement to the pilots that it was an earthquake and told all pilots to hold their positions also thank god nobody got hurt
toolguy105 0
I always wondered what would happen during an earthquake while taxing or landing. This pilot did a very good job of telling his story. By the way if he wrote this himself his English is excellent.
Bob Harrison 0
I was in the Tower in Santa Barbara in the 70's when a 6.4 quake shook. A Cessna 172 was taxing at the time and called us to ask what was happening. We could'nt answer for a few seconds as we were busy hanging on to the water cooler to keep it from emptying on us. If a 172 pilot could feel a 6.4 I wonder just what a larger acft like the on mentioned would feel like?
Ralph Connell 0
Incredible story..Wonder how many AC were lost in the Tsunami? Saw some brief 'clips' of an AP 'deluged.' Shudder to think of the consequences of all this. Thankfully, this Pilot kept his wits about him.


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