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Russian Space Junk Slammed Into A Chinese Satellite, Says U.S. Space Force

A Chinese weather satellite may have been destroyed or damaged last March. ( Plus d'info...

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Robert Cowling 2
A foe wouldn't have to nuke this country to do grave damage. All they would have to do is attack a few satellites. We have become more and more dependent on those expensive boxes floating around above our heads. Garbage collection was never designed into the system from the beginning, and some of the very first satellites ARE STILL UP THERE! Floating around, some in stable orbits, waiting for something to hit them, or they hit something else.

Earth could end up with a wholly man made ring of rare metals and chunks of metal, circling its bulging waistline. It's only been in the past 40 or so years that treaties and regulations have been enacted to try to deal with the problem, and China turns out to be one country that violates those quite a bit.
vector4traffic 1
Is there a central authority that monitors space junk and send warnings to prospective "victims" so they can maneuver out of the way?

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