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Will The Airbus A350F Encourage Boeing To Launch The 777XF?

Speaking at a recent earnings call, Airbus Chief Guillaume Faury said that his company hopes to offer an A350 freighter, pending board approval. The decision is the result of customer feedback for increased competition and follows months of speculation and public ‘encouragement’ from one particular airline CEO. So, now that a next-generation Airbus freighter is on the way, will Boeing follow suit? ( Plus d'info...

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patrick baker 3
not really... the 777xf is a natural evolution of 777 freighter offerings: more freight, less fuel, better range, all outclassing whatever the A350F can do...Be interesting to see if the 777xf guts the market demand for the standard 777 freighter, or will both models continue to be offered....Hard to make a case for the 350F when compared to either 777 offering, except for price negotiations.
Torsten Hoff 1
One thing that’s not in Boeing’s favor is time. With the ongoing delays in the 777X program, Airbus is likely to beat Boeing to market by several years and capture orders from the booming freight market.

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