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US gives glimpse of new B-21 bomber amid China, Russia ‘threats’

The US Air Force has released a new image and details of its next-generation B-21 Raider stealth bomber, which defence experts say is apparently part of efforts to counter threats posed by China and Russia’s military modernisations. ( Plus d'info...

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The latest U.S. military programs, as brought to you by the South China Morning Press.
godutch 2
Knowing the U.S. Military, under Dems OR Republicans, it will be thus: The Congress will approve 200 aircraft, the Air Force will lower that to 160, sending the money elsewhere, while cost overruns will drive the number down to 100, Congress will then lower funding to only 80 aircraft, but shortly after deployment, 50 will be operational at any one time amid massive maintenance headaches and parts shortages. Count on it...
godutch 2
OOOppsss...I didn't read further. Only 100 planned. LOL, We'll see three squadrons up, 24 aircraft at the most. LOLOL
Stephen Donnelly 1
Godutch you're right on. In my opinion we need to block cyber warfare. Also launch satellites that can annihilate any threat of any type from any country from outer space.
Michael Yentzer 0
The B-21 as depicted is nothing more then a follow on to the B-2 likely cheaper and maybe improved but is another subsonic bomber. What is really needed is a Mach 3+ if not a Hypersonic, Suborbital quick strike Bomber that can reach any target world wide in 30+ minutes and recallable during the run in to the Targets. The beauty of manned bombers is their ability to make on the sight decisions when communications with HQ are lost or Emission management is required. If we do not have one in the works the Airforce/Spaceforce are not doing their jobs.

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