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The Story Of TWA’s Boeing 747SPs

Trans World Airlines, known in short as TWA, had a rich history that lasted for more than seven decades. Between 1930 and 2001, the carrier operated a wide variety of aircraft from several different manufacturers. Boeing was one of the most common of these, and TWA flew multiple different variants of its iconic 747 family. Among these were three examples of the short-fuselage 747SP. Let’s take a look at the story of these aircraft. ( Plus d'info...

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jeff slack 2
It would be great to see the airlines, that are currently left standing; permanently add all liveries of all acquired airlines to their fleet on a permanent basis.

Currently, they do this ad-hoc but it would be great to see these liveries come to life again with some permanence.

So many great brands are being forgotten by the greedy few left that control everything.
Johnathan Guif 2
I think American Airlines did this with their fleet of A319's and 737's
Ed Grasnik 1
Qantas wanted to have an all 747 fleet. They ordered 3 747SP's to operate into Wellington NZ and the Great Barrier Reef area. The SP flew to/from the Austrian Air Force base in Townsville Queensland, whose runway was only about 7000 ft, until Cairns could accommodate larger 747's. and became an international gateway. The SP flew between TSV and HNL where it connected to flights to/from LAX/HNL/Sydney.

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